• Man shoots AT&T employee, is killed by off-duty cop

    A 79-year-old man from Utica, NY entered an AT&T store with a hit list of names and a 357 Magnum. He opened fired, hitting one employee, before an off-duty police officer who was shopping at the store pulled his own gun and shot the attacker dead. The shooter, Abraham Dicken, had held a grudge against the store’s employees for months, even threatening them with a gun once before. Read More

  • Sega releases awesome Thunderforce 6 promo clip
    I love 2D-shooters and played all of Tecnosoft’s five Thunderforce games over and over. Sega has taken over development for part 6 of the legendary series and it comes out for the PS2 on October 30 (for $57). As of now, it’s unclear whether the game will be officially sold outside Japan as well. The promotion clip the company released today… Read More

  • Link wants you to shoot a crossbow

    Who doesn’t love the Zelda-series of games from Nintendo? I’m pretty sure if you can’t find one Link game you like, you’re a communist. For you patriots out there, here’s some hot new screenshots of upcoming Nintendo Wii title Link’s Crossbow Training. Although the game will not help you shoot a real crossbow any better, a new Link game is surely… Read More