• Feet On With Fila’s New Skele-Toes EZ Slide Monkey Shoes

    Feet On With Fila’s New Skele-Toes EZ Slide Monkey Shoes

    As a fan of barefoot shoes I jumped (not very high, because you don’t get a lot of air with bare feet) at the chance to try out Fila’s new Skele-Toes EZ Slide barefoot shoes AKA the crazy monkey shoes not made by Vibram. These shoes are marketed as “casual” monkey shoes and are not designed for running. They are, luckily, fairly attractive in a “weird dude who… Read More

  • Is Nike Planning To Release Back To The Future’s Auto-Lacing Air Mags? UPDATE

    Is Nike Planning To Release Back To The Future’s Auto-Lacing Air Mags? UPDATE

    Marty McFly’s crazy kicks in Back To The Future II have long been a geek’s dream. Ostensibly made by Nike in the film, they would tighten themselves around your feet automatically and, more important, they’ve been the paragon of ultimate geekiness for a certain subset of shoe fanatics. Well, now it looks like you, too, can go back… to the future. Nike just sent out… Read More

  • The Vibram Trek LS And Bormio: Ugly, Crazy Monkey Shoes Get Even Crazier

    The Vibram Trek LS And Bormio: Ugly, Crazy Monkey Shoes Get Even Crazier

    I hope you’re not eating anything because you’re about to see some real Jame Gumb stuff in a second. Vibram, famous makers of Sergey’s crazy monkey shoes (that I actually wear while running, much to my wife’s chagrin), have released two new models, the acceptably styled Trek LS, a lace up trail shoe/sneaker, and the absolutely abhorrent (yet strangely alluring)… Read More

  • Shoefitr: You Know, For Shoes

    Shoefitr allows you to find a shoe that is similar in size and shape to a pair of shoes you already own. For example, say you’re into Nike Free Runs but they discontinued the model you like. You tell Shoefittr and using the site’s 3D scanning system it finds a pair that matches the size and shape of the shoe you like. The 3D scanning system is based on the same systems used to… Read More

  • Have Five Fingers Gone Too Far? Check Out This Year's Casual Lineup

    There’s a new religion brewing in the athletic milieu that requisites fitting foot condoms around the phalanges. You know what I’m talking about: the Five Fingers phenomenon. Not dissimilar to the once popular Crocs, Vibram banks on being different as a means of selling shoes. What’s different about Five Fingers is nothing entirely new, in fact, it dates back to thousands… Read More

  • These Schott "Motorcycle Jacket" All-Stars May Put Me Back In Converse

    These aren’t gadgets exactly, but with all those zippers and leather, you have to admit that they’re gear. I haven’t worn All-Stars in a good 15 years, but these Schott crossovers might be the pair that brings me back to the flock. Read More

  • 2011 Vibram Five Fingers Hit The Ground

    We don’t often cover shoes here on CrunchGear, though we make exceptions for Sci-Fi sneakers, winged shoes, and the controversial Vibram Five Fingers. Well, if you’re into that brand of strange and exotic footwear, get excited: their 2011 line is going live, and now you have a whole new mess of toe-shoes to choose from — including some for your kids. Read More

  • New Balance Minimus Teaser Shots

    Just recently, I decided to hop on the minimal shoe bandwagon and picked up a pair of FiveFingers by Vibram. It’s easy to see why these things are getting popular. Racing to keep up with consumer demands, many running shoe companies have decided to follow with the minimalist shoe design. Read More

  • Gentlemen – the Adidas Han Solo SL-72

    Oh man. I want these so bad. I want them more than the Wings and the X-Wings combined. I don’t often gush about fashion, but I just think these are unbelievably cool. Also, they are associated with Han Solo, who is one of my personal heroes (the others being Carl Sagan and Captain America). Available this fall, likely for way too much money. [via High Snobiety, Fashionably Geek, and… Read More

  • OMG! Fake Five Fingers appearing everywhere

    Just when you thought it was safe to buy some nice VFFs for your wedding, Chinese pirates are creating knock-off five fingers with names like Mupuk Five Fingers. While I’d normally say live and let live when it comes to Chinese piracy – after all, what can we do about it? Cry? – I’d recommend avoiding these guys at all costs. It’s odd enough wearing VFFs running… Read More

  • Dost thou love tires? Then do not squander tires, for that is the stuff homemade shoes are made of

    Craft has instructions for making your own retro shoes from an old tire and a pair of jeans. While I don’t think these will hold up to the heavy duty running I do (at least two miles a year), they might be a fun weekend project for those so inclined. Read More

  • Remeber that post about the wire shoe thing?

    Exciting news, friends. I’ve just come back from the future, and I have some news to share. In the year 2050, the United Nations will hold a “Remember Blogging?” panel, and it will be chaired by the encapsulated head, à la Futurama, of Cory Doctorow. There will come a time in the panel when Doctorow’s head turns and says, “Now, blogging wasn’t all shits… Read More

  • Reebok’s ZigTech likened to ‘an energy drink for your feet’

    Oh-kaaay. So Reebok has developed something called ZigTech – basically a zig-zag type foam for running shoes that’s supposed to ease the load on your leg muscles. And one of the first snippets from the press release is, “ZigTech allows your key leg muscles to do less, so you can do more. Simply put, it’s like an energy drink for your feet.” Read More

  • Video: There’s a lot going on in this Star Wars Adidas commercial

    Star Wars sneakers from Adidas are coming. Fair enough. This new commercial features what looks like a scene from Indiana Jones at the very beginning, then we’ve got a random shot of Snoop Dogg, Darth Vader, and then Daft Punk looking at Darth Vader as if to say, “That guy stole our shiny helmet look.” You guys look more like bounty hunters, Daft Punk. Just saying. You… Read More

  • Shoes feature Bluetooth and GPS

    Finally, a pair of shoes with built-in Bluetooth and GPS connections. Pair them Bluetooth-ily with your cell phone and the shoes can update your location directly to your Faceboook account or send your location out as a text message to five other phones. Read More

  • INCHworm adjustable shoes grow along with kids, feature three sizes in one

    I don’t have children, but from what I hear they’re quite expensive. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new shoes over the course of a couple years (that’s how much a family spends on shoes, right?) perhaps you could consider these INCHworm shoes, which adjust in size to match your child’s freakishly fast-growing feet. Read More

  • Skate 2 sneakers for real skaters

    If you’re a real sk8er you are going to buy these sneakers from Etnies and EA. This might make sense. Buy the game, play the game, go out and do it for real. Eventually you’ll realize you suck and go back to the game. Read More

  • Guy spends $4000 for pair of custom ‘Back to the Future’ sneakers

    Who knew, but apparently the world’s been clamoring for the sneakers that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future: Part Two. Shoe collector Mark Kurath finally broke down and hired a professional shoemaker to build his dream kicks. Total cost? $4000. Read More

  • Futuristic shoe generates electricity to run iPods

    First the awesome emergency shoes, now another shoe-related technology from Japan: NTT, the country’s biggest telecommunications company, presents sandals that are able to generate electricity when walking. Each step users take puts pressure on the liquid-filled sole. Two tanks are positioned below the toe and heel and connected via a small pipe. Every step creates water flows within… Read More

  • Congratulations to the winners of our caption contest!

    Your task was to come up with a caption for the above photo, which shows our intrepid editor John Biggs wearing one of his new shoes from Aussie Soles. Here are your winners, ladies and gentlemen. They’ll each take home an IPEVO POV webcam for their troubles. Winners, we’ll contact you via e-mail to arrange shipment. Read More