JustFab Raises Another $40M Led By Hong Kong’s Shining Capital To Take Its Fashion Subscription Commerce Model To Asia And Beyond

Hot on the heels of its <a href="">merger with rival ShoeDazzle</a> (yes, pun

Are Adidas Springblades The New Crazy Monkey Shoes?

It is a point of pride and, to an extent, shame that I introduced the TC audience to minimal running shoes aka <a href="

DIY R2-D2 Heels Are Perfect For Your Next Black Tie-Fighter Event

Fans of Star Wars can take their love of droids and kitten heels to the streets with this <a target="_blank" href="">DIY Instructables project</a>. Created b

Rocket Internet’s ‘Blitzkrieg’: JP Morgan Invests In Russian Fashion Site Lamoda; $40-80M Reported

Less than a month after JP Morgan put investments into two Rocket Internet-baked fashion sites modelled on Zappos -- an <a href="

ShoeDazzle Steps Up Fashion E-Commerce Competition, Adds 1M Users In July And Now Has 13M

<a target="_blank" href="">ShoeDazzzle</a>, the fashion e-commerce outfit that counts reality star/<a target="_blank" href="">deep thinker</a> Ki

Feet On With Fila’s New Skele-Toes EZ Slide Monkey Shoes

As a fan of barefoot shoes I jumped (not very high, because you don't get a lot of air with bare feet) at the chance to try out Fila's new Skele-Toes EZ Slide barefoot shoes AKA the <a HREF="https://b

Is Nike Planning To Release Back To The Future’s Auto-Lacing Air Mags? UPDATE

Marty McFly's crazy kicks in <i>Back To The Future II</i> have long been a geek's dream. Ostensibly made by Nike in the film, they would tighten themselves around your feet automatically and, more imp

The Vibram Trek LS And Bormio: Ugly, Crazy Monkey Shoes Get Even Crazier

I hope you're not eating anything because you're about to see some real Jame Gumb stuff in a second. Vibram, famous makers of <a HREF="

Shoefitr: You Know, For Shoes

<img src=""><a href="">Shoefitr</a> allows you to find a shoe that is similar in size an

Have Five Fingers Gone Too Far? Check Out This Year's Casual Lineup

<img src="" />There's a new religion brewing in the athletic milieu that requisites fitting foot condoms around the phalanges. You know wh

These Schott "Motorcycle Jacket" All-Stars May Put Me Back In Converse

<img src="" />These aren't gadgets exactly, but with all those zippers and leather, you have to admit that th

2011 Vibram Five Fingers Hit The Ground

We don’t often cover shoes here on CrunchGear, though we make exceptions for Sci-Fi sneakers, winged shoes, and the controversial Vibram Five Fingers. Well, if you’re into that brand of st

New Balance Minimus Teaser Shots

<img src="" />Just recently, I decided to hop on the minimal shoe bandwagon and picked up a pair of <a hre

Gentlemen – the Adidas Han Solo SL-72

Oh man. I want these so bad. I want them more than the Wings and the X-Wings combined. I don’t often gush about fashion, but I just think these are unbelievably cool. Also, they are associated w

OMG! Fake Five Fingers appearing everywhere

Just when you thought it was safe to buy some nice VFFs for your wedding, Chinese pirates are creating knock-off five fingers with names like Mupuk Five Fingers. While I’d normally say live and

Dost thou love tires? Then do not squander tires, for that is the stuff homemade shoes are made of

Craft has instructions for making your own retro shoes from an old tire and a pair of jeans. While I don’t think these will hold up to the heavy duty running I do (at least two miles a year), th

Remeber that post about the wire shoe thing?

<img src="" />Exciting news, friends. I've just come back from the future, and I have some news to share. In the year 2050, the United

Reebok’s ZigTech likened to ‘an energy drink for your feet’

<img src="" alt="" />Oh-kaaay. So Reebok has developed something called ZigTech – basically a zig-zag type foam for runni

Video: There’s a lot going on in this Star Wars Adidas commercial

Star Wars sneakers from Adidas are coming. Fair enough. This new commercial features what looks like a scene from Indiana Jones at the very beginning, then we’ve got a random shot of Snoop Dogg, Dar

Shoes feature Bluetooth and GPS

<img src="">Finally, a pair of shoes with built-in Bluetooth and GPS connections. Pair them Bluetooth-ily with your cell phone and the sho
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