• Bandai To Sell Mini Figure Of That Awesome Life-Size Gundam Statue

    I am sure by now every CrunchGear reader knows about that 60-foot Gundam statue that Bandai erected in Tokyo in 2009 (and re-erected again in Shizuoka this year) and that we’ve spent quite a few posts on. In case you’re interested to see the statue live but can’t (Japan is far away for most of you, after all), Bandai today announced [JP] something of an alternative: a… Read More

  • First pictures and video: Japan finally has its 60-foot Gundam statue back

    We’ve covered the 60-foot Gundam robot statue that was protecting Tokyo bay last summer quite a few times on CrunchGear, and we also showed you some pictures of Bandai re-erecting the big guy in Shizuoka. Last month, Gundam wasn’t quite ready. But now he is back, and he’s cooler than ever. Just look at the pictures. Read More

  • He's back: 60-foot Gundam is (almost) ready again

    We spent quite a few posts on the uber-cool, gigantic Gundam statue that was erected in Tokyo Bay last year. The 60-foot robot statue was deconstructed in September, with Bandai quickly announcing plans to re-erect the big guy in Shizuoka soon. And now he’s almost ready. Read More

  • Japan's giant Gundam statue returns, this time armed with a saber

    The giant Gundam statue that protected Tokyo last summer was so cool that we covered it multiple times. In September 2009, Bandai (the company responsible for the marketing coup) decided to retire Gundam once and for all. But five months later, in December 2009, the city of Shizuoka (some 125 miles west of Tokyo) announced it plans to re-erect the statue in July this year. And now it has come… Read More

  • Giant Gundam statue to make a comeback next year

    He’ll be back: The awesome 1/1 scale Gundam statue that was erected on Tokyo’s artificial island Odaiba in June and that was deconstructed in September this year, will be seen again in its full glory. We reported several times about the statue, which stands 60 feet tall and shows some cool special effects (see video below). Read More