• What do sites that sell customized products do with returned items anyway?

    Seems you can customize just about any item you want on the web these days. And a number of these sites are popping-up throughout Europe, including Golden Hook for customized knitwear, L’Usine à Design for furniture, Design Your Own Dishes (coming soon) for dishes, Shoes of Prey for women’s footwear, La cerise sur le chapeau for hats …you get the picture. Normally… Read More

  • New wave of web services brings customization to commerce

    For a long time, CafePress was the major player in customized product creation on the Internet. Slowly other sites sprang up, like Zazzle, Skreened, StickerGiant, Lulu, and many more. Many of these options are novelty one-offs, though, and you’re paying for the customization, not the craftsmanship, of the product. But the success of these somewhat kitschy sites have revealed a real… Read More

  • Reminder: you still have a chance to win $500 at ShirtsMyWay!

    I know, you live a busy life, and you can’t spend every minute of your weekend reading CrunchGear. No doubt you were stuffing quarters into the washing machine at the laundromat to wash the three pairs of clothes you own. Well, you’re out of college now, so you’re a grown man and it’s time to start dressing like one. CrunchGear has you covered! Enter our $500… Read More

  • Giveaway: spruce up your wardrobe with $500 at ShirtsMyWay

    I wrote about ShirtsMyWay, the design-your-own dress shirt service, last month. I’ve since learned about a variety of other sites providing customized products, and I’ll be writing a wrap-up post about the trend toward custominzation in general some time soon. But for now, please enjoy this brief review of the shirts created by ShirtsMyWay, and learn how one lucky reader can get… Read More

  • ShirtsMyWay: design your own dress shirt

    Are you struggling to find just the right shirt for your wardrobe? Something blue, with a white collar, and maybe red buttons? Good luck finding that at the upscale clothing retailers near you! But thanks to the marvels of The Internet you can design your own dress shirt at and have it delivered right to your door. With seven trillion combinations, you’re sure to be able… Read More