• Japan's bullet train might soon be speeding through the South

    Right now, there is $8 billion dollars sitting in an account ready to be used to be used for a high-speed passenger-train line in the States and the Central Japan Railway Co. is attempting to get its hands on some of it — along with a dozen other companies from around the globe. The plan is to start in Florida and expanded through out the southern-half of the country, eventually… Read More

  • Shinkansen bullet trains get wireless LAN with 2Mbps

    Japan is widely known as the nation with the world’s best broadband, and it knows how to live up to its reputation. Passengers on Shinkansen bullet trains will be able to access the web via wireless LAN starting March 14. Japan’s No. 1,2 and 3 telecommunications companies NTT, KDDI and SoftBank are among the companies that have launched the infrastructure. Read More

  • Japan gets another super-fast bullet train

    Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains, which are said to be among the best trains in the world, get an upgrade. Major railway operator JR East has today announced a new Shinkansen version [JP, PDF] that will enter service in 2011. Video of the train (a model of it) after the jump. Read More