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New Era Capital Partners closes $140M to turn Israeli startups into ‘global citizens’

The firm’s main objective is to take Israeli companies to the next level and then the one beyond that.

Chemi Peres makes predictions for Israel’s tech scene

TechCrunch had the opportunity to speak with Chemi Peres, co-founder of Pitango Venture Capital, about Israel’s tech scene. In the above video, Peres explained why he believes digital health, drones

Israel is opening an innovation center to showcase Israeli technology and inspire young entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that Israel is a hotbed of technological innovation. Just over the past few years the country has given birth to popular consumer startups like Waze, Viber and Fiverr. Plus, Isra

Shimon Peres to speak at the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off

Shimon Peres, the ninth President of the State of Israel, will address the TechCrunch Tel Aviv Meetup and Pitch-Off next week. Peres has famously extolled the benefits of technology and innovation to