Belkin paying 65 cents for good reviews on NewEgg and Amazon?

<img src="" /> I just contacted Belkin to confirm but this doesn't look good. A site called <a HREF="

BSA: Azerbaijan Tops in Piracy, Cotton, Rice, Grapes

The Business Software Alliance — the Ladies Against Women of the IT set — found out that the average Azerbaijani has over $250 worth of pirated software on his or her computer. Second in t

VistaBloggerLaptopGate: An Interesting Perspective

<img src=" laptop debacle. Here's what he says: Think about this: Microsoft dropped about $1500/laptop * 90 laptops + shippin

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Microsoft Wants Its Laptops Back

<img src=""review" over the holiday as a way to astroturf the magic of Vista to the world at large. Now, however, they're

Give Me HD DVD or Death

I’m extremely skeptical about grassroots organizations pushing one standard over another, especially when they’re adamant about it and want to start a petition, but whatever. Let’s p