• Brand Networks Acquires Social Ad Platform Shift For $50M

    Brand Networks Acquires Social Ad Platform Shift For $50M

    Social marketing company Brand Networks continues to gobble up the competition — it just announced that it’s acquiring Shift in a $50 million cash-and-stock deal. Back in 2013, it acquired Optimal, another social media advertising company. Brand Networks founder and CEO Jamie Tedford (pictured above) said “the success of our own business on-boarding Optimal” made… Read More

  • Marketing Startup Shift Raises $6M For European Expansion

    Marketing Startup Shift Raises $6M For European Expansion

    Marketing startup Shift is announcing that it has raised $6 million in new funding. The round was led by European firm DN Capital, with DN managing partner Nenad Marovac joining Shift’s board of directors. Shift CEO James Borow said this funding is specifically aimed at fueling the company’s growth in Europe. Read More

  • Social Ad Startup Shift Hires Former Facebook VP Paul Ollinger As President

    Social Ad Startup Shift Hires Former Facebook VP Paul Ollinger As President

    Shift, a company that offers tools for running social advertising campaigns and for collaborating within a marketing team, has hired Paul Ollinger as president. Ollinger was previously vice president of sales for Facebook’s west region, joining in 2007 and leaving two years ago. Since then, he has served as an advisor to several startups — including Shift. And now he’s… Read More

  • Social Ad Startup GraphEffect Tries To Create A More Productive LinkedIn Social Ad Startup GraphEffect Tries To Create A More Productive LinkedIn

    GraphEffect, a startup that until now has focused on social media advertising, is launching a new collaboration platform today called CEO James Borow said emerged from the GraphEffect team’s frustrating experiences trying to collaborate with other organizations, something that was “amplified by the struggles we saw on the marketing agency side.” (After… Read More

  • There's Now An MMO Keyset For The SteelSeries Shift Keyboard

    We’re, what, three weeks away from the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm? Yes… I have noticed the sun shining brighter, the air tasting sweeter of late. Right on cue, then, is the new the new MMO keyset for SteelSeires’ Shift keyboard. Read More

  • MAINGEAR ups its game, announces the SHIFT high performance line

    Everyone, Maingear has created a beast in its new SHIFT series. These systems are massive towers of gaming and computing powering. You won’t find any design nonsense here. Every aspect of these boys were designed with performance in mind and it shows. Read More

  • HTC Shift’s UK price gets lopped in half

    Got an e-mail from Expansys this morning announcing that it’s dropped the price on the HTC Shift X9500 in the UK to £499.99, almost half of what it’d previously been selling at. Read More

  • Review: HTC Shift (CDMA version)

    The HTC Shift (CDMA version) is a UMPC with a 7-inch tilting screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The device runs Windows Vista Business and connects to Sprint’s EVDO data network for on-the-go computing. At around $1500, the device is a no-brainer for businesses that need super tiny notebooks for salespeople or field technicians and it even falls into the temptation zone for… Read More

  • First Look: HTC Shift (CDMA version)

    [ Got a nice little package yesterday containing the HTC Shift running on the Sprint network. I’ll be putting this thing through its paces next week at CTIA and will have a full review for you in short order. It’s a pretty cool gadget so far. If you have any questions about it, let me know and I’ll try to answer them for you. One weird… Read More

  • HTC: Updated Advantage, Origami Shift, HTC P3470 w/ TomTom

    The HTC Advantage, enhanced for your pleasure Not much new out of HTC this show. They updated the Shift to run Vista with the Origami Experience 2.0 (I saw these guys live at Red Rocks back in 1983 – great show) and an updated Advantage. They also launched the P3470 with TomTom Navigator in Europe. Nothing too earth-shattering but God do they do nice hardware. Read More

  • Hugo Ortega Spends 60 Hours With The HTC Shift

    Hugo Ortega of spent 60 sensuous and romantic hours with the HTC Shift recently and ended up describing the device as “one of the BEST Ultra Mobile PC I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. If I were a manufacturer of a UMPC, or with a UMPC about to hit the market, then I would be shaking in my boots given what The HTC Shift is capable of.” Read More