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a16z-backed Apex Space’s first satellite ‘healthy’ on orbit

Apex Space just moved one step closer to its goal of upending satellite bus manufacturing, with the startup announcing on Tuesday that its first vehicle is healthy on orbit. The company launched its f

a16z-backed Apex Space opens new factory to ramp satellite bus production

When Apex Space emerged from stealth last October, the company had a provocative goal: remove the “new bottleneck” hitting the space industry by manufacturing satellite buses at scale. To get ther

Nexla has defied startup conventional wisdom with slow and steady growth

When Nexla launched a data operations platform at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in 2017, building applications on top of that data was not necessarily a well understood concept. As time has gone on,

Andreessen Horowitz, Shield Capital back satellite bus manufacturing startup Apex Space

Satellite bus manufacturing startup Apex Space has closed a $16 million Series A round co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and new investor Shield Capital as it prepares for its first demonstration mission

When the government is the customer (some things to keep in mind)

Five years ago, Google backed away from a Pentagon government contract because thousands of employees protested that its tech might be used for lethal drone targeting. Today, however, Silicon Valley h

Diveplane lands $25M to grow its MLOps platform

In 2017, three entrepreneurs — Chris Hazard, Mike Resnick and Mike Capps — came together to launch a platform for building AI and machine learning tools geared toward the enterprise. Hazar