Mozilla launches new fund to help prevent the next Heartbleed

Mozilla today announced that it is launching the Secure Open Source (SOS) Fund to helpĀ make open source code more secure. The fund, which will get an initial grant $500,000 from the Mozilla Open Sour

Apple Just Patched The Shellshock Bug In OS X

Last week, a big, nasty, freakishly widespread bug was discovered hiding in many UNIX-based systems, including OS X. While Apple was quick to proclaim that the "vast majority" of OS X users weren't

Apple Says Majority Of OS X Users Are Safe From Bash Exploits

Apple has issued a public statement in response to the so-called Shellshock vulnerability, assuring OS X users that for the most part, they’re safe from any potential attacks. An Apple spokesper

Sysdig Now Detects Shellshock Intrusions For Fun And Profit

The folks at Sysdig have your back, sysadmins. The founder, Loris Degioanni, has posted an update to his open source system monitor that can look for Shellshock attacks in real time. Because the HTTP

What You Need To Know About Shellshock

Another week, another massive security vulnerability that is almost a household name. How bad is it? Really bad. According to Matt Harrigan of PacketSled, “It’s really pretty astonishing h