• Shelf Helps You Find The Best Products People Actually Use

    Shelf Helps You Find The Best Products People Actually Use

    A newly launched startup called Shelf wants to make it easier for people to discover great products, without having to first read through tons of online research or consumer reviews. Instead, the company has built a social platform that lets users automatically keep track of their own inventory of purchases, and selectively share this information with friends. The idea is to bring… Read More


    Sweet jumping Jehosaphat on a carbon rod! LOOK AT THIS! It’s a shelf! That holds stuff! Behind your Apple monitor! It costs $29.95 and it is so amazing I had to look at this image twice just to remind myself of the feeling of fear and awe I felt when I saw this the first time. This thing “uses two adjustable clips and gravity to literally perch on the desk stand of iMacs and… Read More

  • Bendable shelf handles RSS feeds and text messages

    In what’s sure to be recognized as one of the greatest inventions of 2008 (by me, at least), here’s a shelf that can be bent every which way, thanks to the miracle of “elastomer” AND displays your favorite RSS feeds and any incoming text messages. Read More

  • Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight

    [photopress:bshelf.jpg,full,center] Here’s a cheap trick (n. the band) that’s sure to impress no one. It’s a shelfs that double as a balance. Depending on how much weight is on either side of the fulcrum, the shelf tilts to the left or the right. The shelf won’t completely tip over or anything (that would be silly! and pointless!), but instead provide a visual feast for… Read More