The New iPhone Already Has An Android-Powered Clone

<em>Psst. Yeah, you. Wanna buy a new iPhone? No, the new iPhone, the one that’s not out yet. It's not important how I got it, are you in or not?</em> Apple aficionados may have September 12 circl

This (Fake) iPad 1 Has A Camera

<img src="" />Mmmm... that's some tasty fakery! This iPad 1 clone from the <a HREF="

Inside The Shanzhai Markets, Part Deux

<img src=""><a HREF="">The first part of this v

China Is A Nation Of Fakery: Inside The Shanzhai Markets

<img src="">It's hard to believe, but 1 out of 5 phones in the world is counterfeit and the vast majority come from Shenzhen. This ten-minut

Presenting The Amazing And Magical iPhoue

<img src="" />With all this talk of <a HREF="">iPhone</a> 5s and <a HREF="

Send in the clones: Shanzhai's version of the Nokia C2 is out there

There’s been rumors floating around about the existence of a Nokia C2, but there really hasn’t been any kind of reliable siting, and a phone with a rotatable screen just seems a bit off. T

CrunchGear in China: Shanzhai Market

The cellphone market in Shenzhen is like a flea market where everyone is selling the same thing. If it looks like an iPhone, it’s here. There are hundreds of models, hundreds of odd names, and h