• The New iPhone Already Has An Android-Powered Clone

    The New iPhone Already Has An Android-Powered Clone

    Psst. Yeah, you. Wanna buy a new iPhone? No, the new iPhone, the one that’s not out yet. It’s not important how I got it, are you in or not? Apple aficionados may have September 12 circled in their calendars, but those longing to turn some heads in the meantime may want to take a look at Goophone’s new ersatz iPhone. The so-called Goophone I5 takes the two-tone iPhone… Read More

  • This (Fake) iPad 1 Has A Camera

    Mmmm… that’s some tasty fakery! This iPad 1 clone from the Shanzhai markets has a resistive touch screen and SD card slot and looks just like the iPad 1 but with a special treat – it includes a wonky webcam! Don’t expect to may more than a $100 for this thing if you can find it and whatever version of Android this thing is running it’s not Honeycomb. Read More

  • Inside The Shanzhai Markets, Part Deux

    The first part of this video talked about the problem of counterfeiting in the Shanzhai markets. But not everything is fakey fakery – this is serious business. The thing that’s most striking about this video is the fact that Shanzhai phones are made not in someone’s kitchen but in multi-story buildings by trained assemblers. It’s an industry and the same folks who make… Read More

  • China Is A Nation Of Fakery: Inside The Shanzhai Markets

    It’s hard to believe, but 1 out of 5 phones in the world is counterfeit and the vast majority come from Shenzhen. This ten-minute video explores the Shanzhai phenomenon and the “mobile phoney” market, a wild west sort of world where counterfeit iPhone 4s are hard to tell apart from their real counterparts. The Shanzhai market sees the sale of these phones as a sort of a system… Read More

  • Presenting The Amazing And Magical iPhoue

    With all this talk of iPhone 5s and iPad 2s, we’ve ignored the obvious source for excellent Apple knock-offs, the Shanzhai market. Read More

  • Send in the clones: Shanzhai's version of the Nokia C2 is out there

    There’s been rumors floating around about the existence of a Nokia C2, but there really hasn’t been any kind of reliable siting, and a phone with a rotatable screen just seems a bit off. That doesn’t stop the knockoffs from coming out of Shanzhai though, and they’ve already made a clone. No pricing or availability of course. [via Cloned In China] Read More

  • CrunchGear in China: Shanzhai Market

    The cellphone market in Shenzhen is like a flea market where everyone is selling the same thing. If it looks like an iPhone, it’s here. There are hundreds of models, hundreds of odd names, and hundreds of people arrayed along the inside of a huge room. There are four or five floors of this mess. This is the Shanzhai market. Read More