• Groupon: Still Getting Pwned In China

    Andrew Mason has been visiting Beijing and Groupon HQ has finally realized there are some problems in China. On the Forbes website, Rebecca Fannin reports: CEO Andrew Mason just arrived in China and hasn’t wasted time shaking things up. Four expatriate executives at Groupon who were recruited from rival site Ftuan just a few months ago will be leaving Groupon China. Read More

  • Dave McClure On His New Fund, Asia's Growth

    When Geeks Attack, Shanghai Edition (TCTV)

    For some in Silicon Valley, Asia remains an alluring black box. A promising world with pockets of hyper growth, obscured by a tangled web of unfamiliar languages, customs, regulations and native ecosystems. Although the walls are coming down fast, the road to Asia’s markets remains an intimidating one for many. Enter Dave McClure, founder of 500 Startups (a recently launched $30M super… Read More

  • Code name Shanghai: AMD's 45nm quad-core Opterons are here

    AMD, Intel’s arch nemesis, is rolling out its first 45nm quad-core Opteron processors today. The move to 45nm brings lower power consumption (a decrease by about 35 percent) and increased (by 35 percent, too) “performance,” a term so nebulous it can mean anything. The processor uses the code name Shanghai. The previous 65nm Opterons went by Barcelona, who are absolutely… Read More