Flock Ditches Shadows Bookmarking Service

In a blog post yesterday, Flock’s Mike Dosik announced that they will no longer support the Shadows bookmarking service (Shadows is a product of Pluck) in the upcoming Flock 2.0 release. A numbe

Shadows 1.0

I had an early peak at Shadows while it was still in beta, back in July. Shadows is a Pluck product. Last week, Pluck took the beta tag off of Shadows and released v 1.0. Dave Panos, Pluck’s CEO

Pluck Features the TechCrunch Feed

Pluck made TechCrunch a “featured feed” today (Link). For new subscribers (and there have been a bunch – thanks Pluck), we apologize for the slow review day today. We are still recov

Profile – Shadows

Editor’s Note: Today is Social Bookmarking day, with profiles of Simpy and now Shadows. Simpy went out on TechCrunch today because they’ve been releasing new functionality that we really l