Shadow launches its cloud computer for gamers in the UK

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, is launching its cloud gaming service in the U.K. Just like in the U.S., the company is starting with a pre-sale before accepting all customers. For

Shadow launches its cloud computer for gamers in California

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, is about to expand its cloud gaming service to the U.S. Customers who live in California can pre-order starting today, and they’ll be able to access

Shadow upgrades its cloud computer for gamers and opens signups to everyone

French startup Blade, the company behind Shadow, announced at a press conference that it is launching new offers, updating specifications and the ability to become a client and buy a subscription with

Shadow raises $57 million for its cloud computing service for gamers

French startup Shadow, also known as Blade, just raised a Series A round of $57.1 million (€51 million). Shadow thinks your next computer is going to be in a data center. Your existing phones, lapto

Your next computer could be in a data center

Most of the apps on your phone already rely on a server component to store and process your data. When you post a video on Facebook, it gets re-encoded into multiple formats on the server so that othe

Shadow Is An App In The Making That Wants To Build A Database Of The World’s Dreams

Shadow is an app for people to record their dreams. Currently seeking Kickstarter funding, it will incorporate an escalating alarm clock designed to wake sleepers gradually, to improve the ability to

Verizon exec hits the gym, loses the unreleased Motorola Shadow instead of weight

<img src="" /> Note to self: keep an eye out for unreleased smartphones in ridiculous places. Hanging out in a r

Shadow botnet puts itself out to pasture

Two Dutch brothers are charged with operating the Shadow botnet, which infected upwards of 150,000 computers. After the botnet takedown was secured, The Dutch High Tech Crime Unit enlisted the help of

HTC Shadow II on the 'Bay

eBay has an one “beta” HTC Shadow 2 for sale for $499. As the breathless prose says “Here is a Beta Test Verstion of the Not out yet HTC Shadow 2!!” It has WM 6.1, Wi-Fi, MP3 p

T-Mobile Shadow gets updated today

Today, the T-mo Shadow is getting an update that unlocks a couple new features that include an audio postcard function, free music/ringtones from various movies and wallpaper downloads. The myFaves me

T-Mobile Shadow review

T-Mobile knows how to work with OEMs. Witness their popular Dash and Sidekick. They create branded experiences, completely change UIs and operating systems, and generally do a good job of making casua

T-Mobile Shadow, the fun phone, on October 31

The “official phone of fun,” the T-Mobile Shadow, now has a release date: October 31. The HTC-manufactured phone is very much consumer-oriented and emphasizes “fun” above every

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Say hello to the HTC Juno better known as the Shadow from T-mobile. The Shadow marks a brand new day for T-mobile to bring consumers a different look at Windows Mobile 6 that makes it easier and more

T-Mobile Shadow pics surface: VGA screen?

The only thing I love more than a good unboxing is a series of “spy” shots. El Boy Genius’ moles sent him shots of the HTC Shadow, which will be part of the T-Mobile family when it&#

HTC Phoebus hits FCC, looks just like the Juno [UPDATE]

A new HTC device dubbed Phoebus has breezed by the FCC and surprisingly it looks a lot like the HTC Juno, which we broke a few weeks ago. Some of the features on the Phoebus are strikingly similar to