Hitler Speaks The Truth Regarding Stargate Universe's Cancellation

Stargate Universe might be gone, but the fans aren’t. 55,000 strong on the Save Stargate Universe facebook page, which has clearly been hacked. Who does that anyway?

The Save Stargate Universe Facebook Group Is Now Over 31k Fans And Still Growing

<img src=""><a href="">Stargate Universe</a>

Can A Facebook Fan Group Save Stargate Universe?

<img src="">Power is in numbers, but sometimes cries fall upon deaf ears or come too late. That's probably the case with the <a href="h

Watch McKay and Woosley On Tonight's Stargate Universe

<img src="">Things are <a href="">unfortunately wrapping up</a> fo

Syfy Cancels Stargate Universe

OH NOES! Stargate Universe got an NBC-issued boot right in the ol’ fart maker. The remaining episodes will be aired in the spring, but then it will come to an end. Sad Matt. I really, really lik

Sneak Peak At Next Week’s Stargate Universe Episode

Last night’s SGU episode? Pretty good. Got a bit more info about the god arch while the SGU team hunted down a killer on a random planet. Whoops. A bit of spoilers there. Anyway, click through f

Sneak Peak At Next Week's Stargate Universe Episode

You have to agree that SGU is so much better this season than last. Overall there’s a whole lot less drama and more sci-fi action. But next week’s preview looks like there will be more dra

Stargate Universe Finally Feels Like The Stargate Of Old

Well, I’m officially a Stargate Universe fan. I’m hooked and for good reason, too. The show’s damn good. I’ve wrote extensively about SGU here and started out as a skeptic like

DVR Alert: Stargate Universe Moved To Tuesday Nights, Season 2 Starts Next Week

This might not be news to you, but I missed the announcement that Stargate Universe is now on Tuesday nights instead of the long-time spot on Friday. Season 2 starts back up this coming Tuesday at 9:0

All Of Syfy's Comic-Con 2010 Trailers In One Spot For Your Viewing Pleasure

Comic-Con 2010 is all wrapped up. The cosplayers are back in their basements planning next year’s attire. The booth babes are back home waiting for their talent agency to find them another gig.

Stargate Universe season finale trailer and teaser

We’ve made it. We’ve made it to the end of the Stargate Universe‘s first season and it’s finally starting to look like the Stargate of old. I have high hopes for tonight’

Stargate Universe episode 116 Sabotage trailer and teaser

<img src="">Okay, so I'm really starting to get into <a href="">SGU</a>. It was a lo

Stargate Universe episode 115 Lost trailer

<img src="">Season one of <a href="">Stargate Universe</a> is wrapping up in the nex

Stargate Universe episode 113 Faith Trailer [update] Tonight’s Stargate Universe episode – Faith – seems like it might be a classic Stargate episode. The team finds a random Earth-like p

Reminder: Stargate Universe comes back on tonight

<img src="">Stargate Universe's season one starts back up tonight and we might finally see some the <a href="

Stargate Universe's aliens are, well, alien

<img src="">Stargate shows have always featured aliens, but they weren't alien-ish for the most part. The story line of SG-1 and Atlan

Stargate Universe season 1.5 trailer I’m still in shock that the beings above are apparently going to let Smallville surpass SG-1’s record. Oh well. But here&

Stargate Universe gets a second season

<img src="">Well my day just got better. <a href="">SGU</a> is currently on a mid-season break but at

Stargate Universe premeres tonight, set your TiVos

I’ve heard good things about Stargate Universe so far, but I’m still nervous about tonight’s premiere. SG-1 and Atlantis are two of my favorite shows of all time and I’m afraid

Video: A terrible interview of Robert Carlyle about Stargate Universe

<img src="">Okay, seriously, this is the worst interview ever. The hosts are clueless, mock the genre, and don't do
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