• Hewlett Packard Enterprise picks up SGI for $275 million

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise picks up SGI for $275 million

    The last decade-plus hasn’t been great for SGI. The company formerly known as Silicon Graphics declared Chapter 11 in 2009. That same year, it was sold to Rackable for a song, with that company somewhat confusingly changing its own name to SGI (short for Silicon Graphics International) during the process. Now former competitor Hewlett Packard Enterprise (which spun out from HP last year)… Read More

  • SGI releases first new product since bankruptcy, Octane III

    SGI has been quiet as of late, in fact we haven’t heard much since they declared bankruptcy and were bought by Rackable systems back in April. Apparently since then they’ve been waiting for the dust to settle and release a new workstation, the Octane III supercomputer. Read More

  • Silicon Graphics Declares Bankruptcy and Sells Itself For $25 Million

    Sadly, this is no April Fool’s joke. Silicon Graphics, the high-end computer computer workstation and server company founded by Jim Clark in 1982, today declared bankruptcy and sold itself to Rackable Systems for $25 million plus the assumption of “certain liabilities.” In its bankruptcy filing, SGI listed debt of $526 million. A decade ago, SGI’s revenues peaked at… Read More