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Maker of ‘smart’ chastity cage left users’ emails, passwords, and locations exposed

A company that makes a chastity device for people with a penis that can be controlled by a partner over the internet exposed users’ email addresses, plaintext passwords, home addresses and IP addres

Indiegogo launches After Dark collection for saucy crowdfunding campaigns

Indiegogo is going a long way towards making crowdfunding sexy again. Whether you like sticking your private parts in things, or sticking things in your private parts, Indiegogo's got your back. And y

Sex toy startup LELO gives the condom a design-savvy makeover

Stylish sex toy maker LELO is introducing something to go along with its pleasure-centered machinery today – condoms. There’s already a mind-blowing amount of prophylactics readily availa

A Vibrator Called Limon

No longer just an <a target="_blank" href="">oddly flavored potato chip</a

Durex’s New Long-Distance Sexy Time Fundawear Is Exactly That

The thought of buying underwear from the same company that makes your condoms might sound shocking at first. But don't be so quick to judge, especially where sex is concerned, as Durex has just announ

Gift Guide: Jimmyjane Form 6 Massager

There are strange dynamics associated with giving sex toys as gifts. So let's get that out of the way first. You really have to know a person well before you pick one of these up. This isn't a stockin

Soft Core: Why Do Sex Toy Makers Have Such Horrible Videos?

We wrote about <a target="_blank" href="">Vibease</a> back in early September and I called it <a href="

Review: A10 Cyclone (NSFW)

So once you become a reviewer of Tenga Jars it seems you become the go-to guy for folks trying to sell Tenga Jars. I feel like Malcom’s dad in Breaking Bad. You get into something for noble reas

A revolutionary new patent protected sex toy

<img src="" />When sex toy companies start using <a HREF="">viral marketing</a> you know we've reache