• A Very Special Episode: TV Takes On Patent Trolls

    A Very Special Episode: TV Takes On Patent Trolls

    While I find most reality TV abhorrent, last week’s Shark Tank brought a very interesting concept to the usual babble that is the modern “boss” show. In this episode, Scott Jordan, creator of ScottEVest, appeared in front of a motley crew of entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary to pitch his patent licensing business, Technology Enabled Clothing or TEC. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 40% Off ScottEVest Stuff

    Type in coupon code 10SALE40 to rock 40% off of SeV this month in honor of ScottEVest’s 10th anniversary. Don’t feel like it? No big whoop. What, we want to fight about it? No. Read More

  • Even ScotteVest caught the iPad fever

    IPad accessories are popping up everywhere. Proof? ScotteVest is now advertising its 22-pocket Travel Vest for Men as the first clothing line with a pocket for the iPad. Maybe that explains where Colbert was holding his during the Grammys. He seemed to pull it out of nowhere. That’s what ScotteVests are known for after all — gadget concealment. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: SeV Jacket and Fleece for $250 — $80 off

    CrunchGear faves SeV is running a secret sale until Sunday, November 25, on the Tactical 4.0 Jacket and Fleece 4.0 Jacket combination. With the code SAVE80, you can get both — I have both and they work great together — for $80 off. Seriously. I’ve been wearing SeV when I travel and it’s great gear. If you like outdoor gear for the pockets and comfort but don’t want… Read More