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An Ex-Googler Launches An In-Home Care Startup Called Honor And Raises $20 Million

Seth Sternberg, who sold a messaging service to Google for around $100 million, is launching a new startup centered around in-home care — and has raised a ton of money to build it. Honor, a combina

Google’s Seth Sternberg And Ardan Arac On Getting Developers To Adopt Google+ Sign-In

After Google’s announcement and demo of app activities being introduced into its Search product, I spoke with Seth Sternberg and Ardan Arac about how Google+ sign-in is coming along and what the

My Job As A Pre-Launch Startup CEO Was To Buy Sandwiches

<img src=""><em><a href="">Seth Sternberg</a> is the CEO and Co-founder of <a href="http://

(Founder Stories) Meebo’s Seth Sternberg On Hiring, Growth And Flying High.

<img src="" /> Like many start-ups, <a href="">Meebo</a> has been on a recent hiring spree. In t

(Founder Stories) Meebo CEO: "What If We Could Completely Change The Game?"

<img src="" /> Should founders innovate based upon customer feedback or is it better to develop from within and let c

(Founder Stories) Seth Sternberg On The Early Days Of Meebo: "We Did Not Get It."

<img src="" /> <a href="">Meebo</a>, which connects users with their friends across social platf

Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg On Why He's Pushing For Website Check-Ins (TCTV)

<img src=""/> Now that people are just starting to get comfortable with the concept of the <a href="

Meebo's Sternberg: The "Widget Economy" Was a Big, Fat Lie (TCTV)

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$25 Million for Web-based IM? Not Exactly. Meebo's CEO Explains. (TCTV)

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