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Be A Mashup DJ With Turntable Founder’s Crossfader App

No ProTools, no record players, no DJ skills required. With Crossfader, you just swipe between songs, pick two you like, and tilt back and forth to mix them into a mashup. This is Turntable.FM co-foun Founder’s New DJZ Dance Music Site And DJZtxt App Will Make Your Eyes And Ears Bleed

Electronic dance music (EDM) is all the rage with kids born after 1990 (Generation Z), and founder Seth Goldstein is bringing the scene online. Today he launches <a target="_blank" href="

The Secret Lives Of Objects: StickyBits Turn Barcodes Into Personal Message Boards

<img src=""> Every place and object in the world has a secret past: who lived there, who passed by, who touched it. The secret lives

The Medium Is No Longer The Message, . . . You Are

<img src="" width="215" height="190" /> We are witnessing a profound change in the media and advertising industries due to th