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  • It’s Never Been A Better Time To Create A Luxury Startup

    It’s Never Been A Better Time To Create A Luxury Startup

    As I’m based in Paris and work in the tech ecosystem, there is a lot of chatter about luxury brands and their future. Paris is still the city of outrageously beautiful goods and clothes from powerful brands. Luxury shops are still crowded with countless of tourists. Yet, when I talk with people around me, it has become much more trendy to find a new up and coming brand before anyone… Read More

  • Keen On… The Domino Project: Seth Godin Reinvents the Book Business (TCTV)

    Over the last fifteen years, innovation maven Seth Godin has written twelve best-selling books about breaking all the traditional rules in business. But Godin’s thirteenth book, a little thing about initiative which will be published next month, threatens to be the biggest rule-breaker in his destructive career. Godin’s thirteenth book may well be unlucky for the traditional… Read More

  • Keen On… Seth Godin: While We Weren't Paying Attention, The Industrial Age Just Ended (TCTV)

    As the author of twelve best-selling books including his latest 2010 hit Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? and the iconic Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable, Seth Godin is amongst the most sought-after business visionaries in the world. “So why are you so popular?” I asked Godin when we met in New York late last month. “I notice things,” he… Read More

  • Squidoo Aims To Make Brands Pay For Dedicated Web Dashboards

    Remember Squidoo? Founded by current CEO and famous marketing guru Seth Godin, the service allows Internet users to generate rich, topical web pages (dubbed ‘lenses’) to serve as a hub for information, videos, links etc. centered around any given subject. The concept is similar to what companies like HubPages, Mahalo and Helium are all about. Now Squidoo is looking to monetize the… Read More