• Microsoft snatches HP CRM and service business from rivals Salesforce and Oracle

    Microsoft snatches HP CRM and service business from rivals Salesforce and Oracle

    In what has to be characterized as huge win for Microsoft, it announced this morning it had secured a 6-year deal with HP, Inc to run Microsoft Dynamics’ customer relationship management (CRM) and service software. What’s more, it grabbed this deal at the expense of its rivals. HP, Inc. had been a Salesforce CRM customer, while Oracle had been its service software provider. Read More

  • Service Protect will automatically detect when your flight is delayed and request compensation

    Service Protect will automatically detect when your flight is delayed and request compensation

    Service is an app we’ve covered before – the startup acts as an intermediary between you and businesses where you’ve had bad experiences. So this means whenever your bags are lost by an airline or a restaurant ruins your meal, Service will interface with the business on your behalf to help make things right in the form of a refund, credit, etc. After being in business a… Read More

  • SXSW goes apeshit for on-demand startups

    SXSW goes apeshit for on-demand startups

    It’s a tough world out there for on-demand startups — confusion around the W2 vs. 1099 conversation, tough margins, and customer service are but a few of the initial obstacles for these companies. Add in the necessity of huge amounts of up-front capital and it’s an uphill battle at best. But trust me, the on-demand economy will survive and eventually prevail, and 2016 might… Read More

  • Service, The Customer Service Startup, Launches Its iOS App

    Service, The Customer Service Startup, Launches Its iOS App

    Service, the LA-based customer service startup that recently closed a $3.1M seed round, just launched its iOS app. As a refresher, Service acts as an intermediary between disappointed customers and businesses. For example, instead of a customer having to fill out a generic complaint form for an airline or retailer they contact Service, who have dedicated support staff to contact the company… Read More

  • Customer Service Startup Service Raises $3.1M Led By Founders Fund

    Customer Service Startup Service Raises $3.1M Led By Founders Fund

    Khosla Ventures famously backed, a startup which allowed disappointed customers to complain loudly on social media about service providers that had failed them (restaurants, hotels, airlines etc). After this barrage of criticism, the brand owner was supposed give in to this assault and settle with compensation. Unsurprisingly it didn’t work and Gripe closed. A number of… Read More

  • Twitter Ditches “Casual Friday”, Lets Employees Do #FridayForGood Community Service

    Twitter Ditches “Casual Friday”, Lets Employees Do #FridayForGood Community Service

    Clearly, I’m interested in how companies interact with their surroundings, as I feel like it’s an important part of pushing our industry forward. Nobody likes to think about five developers locked in a room somewhere, coding until they pass out. Yes, I know that’s the reality for many young startups, but as they grow up into larger companies, things change. For a company… Read More

  • Are You Ready For Faster Internet Speeds, Kansas City? Google Fiber Starts Wiring Homes For Service

    Are You Ready For Faster Internet Speeds, Kansas City? Google Fiber Starts Wiring Homes For Service

    As you might be aware, Google Fiber has set out to make all the world, or at least Kansas City, have fast and accessible Internet access. Today, the company announced that it is now wiring homes in the area with its high-speed internet. As we noted previously, 180 out of 202 areas that were eligible for the service hit their pre-registration goals. Now the service is being put in, and… Read More

  • Want To Pitch A VC While He Cleans Your House? Exec And Shervin Pishevar Thought So

    Want To Pitch A VC While He Cleans Your House? Exec And Shervin Pishevar Thought So

    Exec, which is a service focused on San Francisco professionals, does all types of tasks for you at pretty decent rates. I’ve used the service to have papers scanned and faxed in the past, and it was always quite super. Recently, the company launched a new cleaning service, for those of you that are busy and don’t have time to clean up after yourself. You know, because… Read More

  • iFixit helps others void warranties with Gear Teardown

    Kyle at the great site has just opened a new service dedicated to the collection and curation of user-generated content called Gear Teardown. The service, sort of like a how-to site for crazy people, allows folks to document each step in the process of tearing down, and hopefully putting back together, their gadgets. For example, this teardown of the Moto Krave shows six steps… Read More

  • Wal-Mart sells box of rocks disguised as Nintendo DS (twice)

    I’ve worked plenty of thankless retail jobs so I can sympathize with the grind but please, customer service people, check the boxes of stuff that gets returned to your store. A Nintendo DS box filled with rocks and newspaper was apparently returned to a Wal Mart store in Florida, then put back on the floor TWICE, and sold to a mother who gave it to her son as a birthday present. Read More

  • Point and Find at Nokia World 2008: Point at objects, figure out where you are One of the most exciting things I’ve seen at Nokia World 2008 is the Point and Find service: aim a phone camera at an object and the camera detects what it is. Currently set to debut in London and San Francisco, the initial version of the application will be tied to movie posters. Point your camera at a movie poster and the software will identify… Read More

  • Xbox Live and Zune going down for maintenance on Monday

    Anybody who completely relies on Microsoft for all of their entertainment needs is going to be bored straight out of their minds when Monday, September 29th rolls around. At 12:01 AM PST, both the Xbox Live and the entire Zune service will be taken down for maintenance. Live will be out for 24 hours, while Zune will go dark for closer to two days. According to Major Nelson, the Live outage is… Read More

  • Verizon announces month-to-month service plans

    Just a day late of the rumored date, Verizon has announced month-to-month, contract free service plans. If you’re willing to pay full price for a phone or can bring your own handset to the table, you’re free to bail out at the end of each monthly billing period without paying any sort of early termination fee. All of Verizon’s voice and data plans are available… Read More

  • T-Mobile's coverage maps now include 3G

    Just about every time we’ve mentioned T-Mobile’s 3G rollout, someone has stopped by to ask their fellow commenters for insight on what the coverage might be like in their specific city. Unfortunately, their inquiries generally went unanswered. Now that T-Mobile has gotten around to adding 3G signal to their coverage map, curious commenters now have a way to help themselves. If… Read More

  • AT&T cuts the Push-to-talk monthly rate by half

    Sure, Push-to-talk can be handy. But is it ten dollars handy? AT&T thinks not. Tucked into the Samsung Rugby press release was a mention that AT&T would be lopping 50% off the Push-to-talk monthly price tag, bringing it down to just 5 bucks starting today. With both AT&T and Verizon now offering PTT for a fiver, it probably won’t be too long before Sprint (currently at $10)… Read More

  • Twitter: Now as powerful as the Clapper

    If you can’t get enough of Twitter why not try Twitter-enabling your home? By connecting his cellphone with his Twitter account, Justin Wickett has created what amounts to a remote switch triggered by Twitter messages. By using a simple program he was able to connect SmartHome’s INSTEON switches to the Internet and control them with a ping from… Read More

  • China Mobile wants nothing to do with iPhone

    iPhone? Not iPhone? China Mobile was all like “No thanks, Apple” in talks about bringing the Apple iPhone to China. No reason was given for the break in negotiations but Bloomberg suspects it was the 20 to 30 percent of data fees Apple asks for each iPhone subscription. This does not rule out “further cooperation” but who really cares? China has plenty if iPhone… Read More

  • Granny smashes Comcast equipment with claw hammer

    Being a former Comcast customer, I can understand how one could get angry at the company for providing mediocre service. But being angry doesn’t even compare to what 75-year-old Mona Shaw did. When Comcast didn’t show up to install the Triple Play package in her home (Cable, VoIP, Internet), she scheduled another appointment. The second time, the installation team didn’t… Read More

  • How not to handle Comcast's customer service (even if you want to)

    We don’t talk too much about heroes, but Mona Shaw is right up there. Shaw got sick of the crappy customer service from Comcast and decided to do something about it. While we can’t recommend following her actions, and really can’t report if they did any good or not, it’s still good to hear about a senior citizen who decided to take her frustration out. With a hammer. Read More

  • Blogspot Completely Down?

    In the wake of the Great Skype Outage of 2007 everyone who is everyone in IT should be watching their servers and production code like a flock of hawks. Well, it looks like Google isn’t taking my advice because as of 10:43 EST it looks like Blogspot is completely down. I’m OK with that — my Commander Ackbar fan fiction network uses WordPress — but shouldn’t… Read More