series B

  • Ciris Energy Raises $23.9 Million To Convert Coal To Natural Gas

    Ciris Energy, Inc., a Centennial, Colorado energy startup, raised a series B investment of $23.9 million a recent SEC-filing revealed. Khosla Ventures led the round with earlier Ciris backers Braemar Energy Ventures, Rho Ventures and GE Energy Financial Services, the companies announced Monday. Ciris Energy aims to produce natural gas from coal in a way that is more environmentally responsible… Read More

  • Racktivity Racks Up $8 Million To Cut Data Center Energy Costs And Emissions

    Racktivity— a provider of hardware and software-as-a-service that manages power consumption within data centers— closed an $8 million series B investment, the company announced today. The round was led by Partech International and joined by the startup’s seed investors Big Bang, along with a group of angels based in Europe. The company was founded in Belgium, and recently… Read More