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Factory wants to use AI to automate the software dev lifecycle

Developer velocity, the speed at which an organization ships code, is often impacted by necessary but lengthy processes like code review, writing documentation and testing. Inefficiencies threaten to

Chkk helps keep complex Kubernetes environments up and running

As Kubernetes is being deployed for ever more mission critical workloads, keeping clusters up and running has become increasingly important for DevOps teams. Chkk, an early-stage startup, launched out

Sequoia faces congressional scrutiny over investments in China

One of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investment firms will face government scrutiny over its investments in China. Sequoia Capital has received a polite but pointed request from Congress to en

Video editing startup Captions launches a dubbing app, Lipdub, with support for 28 languages

Captions, an AI-powered video editing startup, has launched a new app called Lipdub for translating clips into 28 languages. Lipdub is available in the App Store for free and supports several language

Former Tinder CEO’s startup to fight loneliness with AI chatbot gets backing by Sequoia

Former Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg’s startup Meeno, which aims to fight loneliness through an AI-powered chatbot, announced that it has raised a $3.9 million seed round led by Sequoia. Meeno aims t

Sequoia backs PartyKit to power real-time multiplayer collaboration for any app

If a company wants to offer in-app messaging or voice calls, they don’t have to develop the infrastructure themselves when there’s something like Twilio at their disposal. Likewise, if the

Global web3 venture funding on pace to decline for seventh straight quarter

According to the Crunchbase Web3 Tracker, funding to crypto startups around the world is on pace to notch its seventh-consecutive quarterly decline.

Sequoia Capital cuts crypto, ecosystem funds by over 50% as it continues to downsize

Sequoia Capital is the latest to pull back from crypto, paring down two major venture funds, including its crypto fund, in an effort to downsize.

Michael Moritz moves on, book-ending a long chapter at Sequoia Capital

Michael Moritz, the journalist-turned-VC who has long been one of the most prominent and respected investors at Sequoia Capital, has left the firm after 38 years to “deepen his advisory relation

Meet the 19-year-old MIT dropout ‘replacing gunpowder’ for the defense industry

Silicon Valley loves its wunderkinds, but the same cannot be said of Washington, D.C., where the central mandate is not to take risks, but to de-risk. Or that’s how it’s been until recentl

Sequoia debuts Atlas, an interactive guide to the European tech talent landscape

There is an estimated 3 million software engineers in Europe, depending on what report you want to believe, but finding the right engineers for the job at hand isn’t all that straightforward. Lo

Lightspeed says India not for the faint-hearted amid Sequoia split

Bejul Somaia, the founding partner of Lightspeed India, staunchly defended the allure of South Asia’s investment landscape, even in the wake of unsettling movements such as Sequoia’s decis

Sequoia does to itself what the Biden administration wants to do with Google

Mary Ann and Alex are back, and once again this week they tapped the TechCrunch roster for expert input. This week the Equity crew were thrilled to welcome Jacquie back to the show! All the cool kid

NestAway, once valued at over $225 million, sells for $11 million

Proptech firm Aurum is acquiring NestAway, a once high-flying Indian startup operating in the same space, for up to $10.9 million, in a deal that marks a near complete erosion in value for the startup

Fidelity has cut Reddit valuation by 41% since 2021 investment

Fidelity, the lead investor in Reddit’s most recent funding round in 2021, has slashed the estimated worth of its equity stake in the popular social media platform by 41% since the investment. F

Filings reveal PE and VC returns amid escalating write-downs

Some high-profile venture capital and private equity firms are slashing the valuation of their holdings, causing billions in apparent profits to evaporate as the economic downturn undermines the susta

Backed by Sequoia Southeast Asia, SquareX protects web users with disposable browsers

Much of our computer time is spent in a web browser, where we check emails, create documents, transfer files, carry out online banking, shop or stream entertainment. This leaves us vulnerable to secur

Practice your pitch with Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital on TechCrunch Live

TechCrunch Live records live today and tomorrow at 12:00 PDT, and you’re invited to pitch your startup. Called Pitch Practice, it should be self-explanatory. Participants have a chance to practi

Hear from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins this week on TechCrunch Live

You’re not going to want to miss this week’s TechCrunch Live events. The startup industry is experiencing unprecedented headwinds, and we want to talk about it. There are two events schedu

As tensions build, Silicon Valley’s Chinese affiliates invest in sensitive space tech

Chinese subsidiaries of U.S. venture capital firms invest in technology that could be sensitive to national security.
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