Sense Networks

  • In Its First Acquisition, YP Buys Mobile Ad Company Sense Networks

    In Its First Acquisition, YP Buys Mobile Ad Company Sense Networks

    Local search and advertising company YP is announcing that it has acquired Sense Networks. David Lebow, the senior vice president and general manager of YP’s national markets group, told me that this is the company’s first acquisition since it launched in May 2012, when it was formed from the merger of AT&T Advertising Solutions (publisher of the Yellow Pages) and AT&T… Read More

  • $6 Million For Sense Networks? Makes Sense.

    Intel Capital has led a Series B funding round in Sense Networks, a NY-based developer of nifty machine-learning technology that allows for digital indexing and ranking of real world locations based on movement data. According to Venturebeat, which broke the news before the weekend, the amount invested was about $6 million in a ‘hotly contested deal’ that left Sequoia pulling the… Read More

  • Here Come The New iPhone Apps

    As Apple gears up for the launch of its 3G iPhone, outside developers and startups are finally going to get to sell or give away their own applications that run natively on the phone (as opposed to being optimized for the Safari browser, as are most legal, third-party apps today). These apps, which are built on the iPhone SDK announced last March, will be distributed through the upcoming… Read More

  • Location-Tracking Startup Sense Networks Emerges from Stealth To Answer the Question: Where Is Everybody?

    What if you could look at your cell phone and see a heat map of where everybody in the city was at that very moment? The more people at any given location, the redder it would appear on the map. That’s what Citysense does. It is a mobile application that is supposed to help you figure out where the hottest clubs and night spots are so you can go there (or avoid them, depending on… Read More