Stitch Is A Social Network For Seniors

The winner of a recent TC Radio Pitch-Off contest, Stitch is a social network designed for those over 50 years old. Headquartered in Australia, the site is designed to help members find friends, roma

Science, Inc.-Backed HomeHero Launches To Help Families Find, Hire, And Manage In-Home Care For Seniors

Any family that has spent any time caring for aging parents, grandparents or those with special needs knows how stressful it can be, and how much energy is required, to manage in-home care. From keepi

YC-Backed Amulyte Is Building A Better Lifeline For Seniors On The Move

Commercial catchphrases like <a target="_blank" href="">"I've fallen and I can't get up"</a> have become the stuff of legend, but it's not funny when one of y

Amazon Goes After Older Adults & Seniors With New Store

Amazon has launched a new store catering to mature adults and seniors, the company announced today. But while "Amazon Seniors" would have a nice ring to it, Amazon went with a more polite, if wordy, b

Fujitsu’s Senior-Focused Smartphone Is A Thoughtful Use Of Android That Tucks Away Complexity

Fujitsu has taken its time launching smartphones outside its home market. It's best known for slick, slender high end smartphones in Japan but has eschewed the crowded top tier of Europe's smartphone

Online Seniors: Tech-Savvier Than You Think

It's not often that we come across startups that focus on seniors, but according to a <a target="_blank" href="">new re

Remember Jitterbug Phones For Seniors? Here’s The iPad Equivalent

Remember <a href="">Jitterbug</a>, the big-buttoned phones for seniors that made using those confusing, new-fangled cellphone thingies so much easier to handle? Well

TenderTree Rolls Into Beta To Help You Find Reliable Senior Caregivers

It's always refreshing when a startup tackles a real-world problem instead of building another photo-sharing/local reviews/social calendar service. Case in point: <a href="">

Go Computer: Help the aged

As my sainted old father always says “It’s a stinking world because there’s no law and order anymore! It’s a stinking world because it lets the young get on to the old, like yo

Review: Clarity C900 cell phone for seniors

Quick Version: The idea behind the Clarity C900 mobile phone is sound – big keys, bright display, loud ringer, emergency call button – but the interface might be a bit feature-heavy and confusing

Clarity announces iPhone killer for seniors

The ClarityLife C900 succeeds in so many places that the iPhone fails that it’s not even funny. First of all, it’s unlocked and, at $269.95, it’s not that much more expensive than an iPhone with

Where are the smartphones for seniors?

A TC/CG reader Teresa asks we, the gadget-nation, a question: where are the good smartphones for seniors? Sure, they have ClarityLife and the Jitterbug but neither of those work as real smartphones. T

More senior PCs coming from Microsoft

Microsoft already makes so-called senior PCs here in the U.S., computers that are aimed at older folk, but it announced in London at some conference that it plans to bring senior PCs over to the UK as

Speak Up Sonny! Grandma Can't Hear You!

Senior citizens should either decide to go all out with electronics and learn how the VCR clock works or just abandon them altogether. But now, thanks to NTT DoCoMo, seniors won’t have to compro

Nintendo Embraces Seniors, Mothballs

Nintendo showed up this weekend at a convention one probably wouldn’t expect to be encountered by video games at: The AARP Life@50+ convention in Anaheim, Calif. The company was showing off its