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Wikipedia’s Next Big Thing: Wikidata, A Machine-Readable, User-Editable Database Funded By Google, Paul Allen And Others

<a href="">Wikidata</a>, the first new project to emerge from the <a href="">Wikimedia Foundation</a> since

Semantic Web/Q&A Startup Beepl Loses Ex-TechCrunch CEO, Gears Up For Mobile App

The drive for more information has long been fueling the growth of the Internet, but that rising tide is not automatically lifting all boats, as one company trying to ride the wave has seen. Beepl,

Web 3.0, The Movie [Video]

<img src="" alt="" title="z" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-179247" />So much stuff. That's the general theme of a new short film, Web 3.0, by

Snipperoo focus' on Widgetisation

Last week I was in Manchester at NW StartUp 2.0, co-presenting with Ivan Pope from Snipperoo whose company I have been tracking for sometime now. Ivan spoke about how he sees widgets changing the way