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Pinecone vector database can now handle hybrid keyword-semantic search

When Pinecone announced a vector database at the beginning of last year, it was building something that was specifically designed for machine learning and aimed at data scientists. The idea was that y

Hulbee Bags $9M To Grow Its Pro-Privacy Search Engine

Swiss-based semantic search company Hulbee, which launched a consumer search engine in the U.S. this August, has closed a $9 million angel funding. It's positioning its consumer search offering as a p

Siri Ex-Product Lead Who Quietly Sold His Startup’s Assets To Apple Raises $1M For Unsilo, A Semantic Search Engine

Apple's <a href="">acquisition of Siri in 2010</a> gave the company the technology it needed to build a voice-activated personal assistant for

Bye-Bye Beepl? Brand Embassy Buys Semantic Search Startup, Plans To Integrate Tech Into Its Social Media Monitoring Platform

Some more consolidation in the world of social media services and technology. UK-based <a target="_blank" href="">Brand Embassy</a>, a provider of social-media based custom

In Battle With Amazon, Walmart Unveils Polaris, A Semantic Search Engine For Products

Walmart is today unveiling a new search engine named "Polaris" which now powers <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, as well as the company's mobile web and mobile apps,

Google Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter, Launches Its Knowledge Graph

Today, Google is launching  one of its most ambitious and interesting updates to its search engine in recent months. Starting in a few days, you will start to see large panels with additional factual

Sneak Peek At T2, Twine's Semantic Search Engine

<img src="" width="215" height="102" /> Extracting meaning from the Web is huge project that is very difficult to do at large sc