Public Enemy Just Raised $75k On Sellaband

<img src="" />Almost a year ago <a href="">Sellaband</a>, the number one crowd-funding website for musici

Sellaband Not Quite Dead Yet, Waiting For White Knight's Signature

<img src="" class="shot2" />Dutch startup <a href="">Sellaband</a>, which enabled music fans to <a href="https://t

Sellaband teams up with Public Enemy

[Netherlands] Hip hop pioneers Public Enemy will partner with fan-funding site Sellaband to finance their next album. Public Enemy is one of the first established acts to sign up to Sellaband’s

Public Enemy Cuts Its Next Album With Sellaband's Crowd-Funding

<img src="" width="215" height="39" /> Hip hop pioneers <a href="">Public Enemy</a

ArenaFest Aims To Bring Social Networking, Unsigned Bands (And Lacrosse!) To Live Events

<img src="" /> Next summer, you and all your so-called friends from Facebook and MySpace will be able to finally meet in a giant ar

Amazon Helping To Change The Business Of Music

The signs are everywhere that a revolution is taking place in music. DRM is history, the price of music is falling towards zero (and sometimes even free isn’t enough to slow piracy), and even bi

Listen To Top Indie Songs On Your iPhone

Mzinga isn’t the only new product launching tonight at the Boston TechCrunch Party. Massachusetts based OurStage is debuting a new iPhone site where anyone can listen to top ranked Indie songs a

Strayform Tries New Indie Music Model

Strayform is a Texas startup that, like SellaBand and the recently funded Amie Street, is giving unsigned artists a way to promote and sell their music. Like SellaBand, artists sign up, upload some of

Amie Street Celebrates First Birthday: Free Music For TechCrunch Readers

Amie Street, one of our favorite new music distribution services (SellABand is up there, too), turns one year old today – we first wrote about them last year a couple of weeks after launching. A

SellABand Music Model Gaining Traction

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote about German startup SellABand when it launched last August. Like Amie Street, SellABand has an innovative way for struggling new artists to get their music heard, and make

Sellaband to crowdsource free music

German startup is hoping to leverage the wisdom, and cash, of the crowd to produce high quality independent music for free download on their site. It’s a fascinating prospect even