• What product development teaches us about self-improvement Crunch Network

    What product development teaches us about self-improvement

    While the digital revolution has brought with it many conceptual changes, one of the most pronounced is that of the version release. Your phone is considered outdated if it’s a year old, and obsolete if you bought it three years ago. Whenever you connect to Wi-Fi your apps undergo a version update. The Facebook you’re using today is not the same version you posted to last week. Read More

  • Fitango Teaches You How To Get Stuff Done; Adds Sharable Self-Improvement Features

    In February, fellow Four Loko enthusiast John Biggs wrote a post on Fitango, a social marketplace that allows users to learn about and buy action plans for everything from finance to fitness and romance. As Biggs pointed out at the time, many of us have problems self-motivating when it comes to getting in shape or, say, learning to speak Mandarin — and oftentimes, we’re not sure how… Read More