• Seinfeld Will Be Streamable Online Soon, Hopefully

    Seinfeld Will Be Streamable Online Soon, Hopefully

    I’ve never watched more than one or two random Seinfeld episodes. I know, I know. I’ve always meant to watch the whole series, really — but it’s not (legally) streamable anywhere, outside of a few random episodes. So I don’t bother. This may change soon. Word has it that Sony is finally getting around to licensing the streaming rights. Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Realtime in 3D

    Over the holidays I had the great pleasure of watching the Seinfeld reunion story arc on the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s about to disappear from Comcast OnDemand, presumably to traipse off to the increasingly less-profitable domains of the DVD. But not only did the perfect reanimation of Seinfeldian celebration of nothing get around the impossible task of going home… Read More

  • IR technology would prevent in-theater video recording

    There’s an old Seinfeld episode where Jerry agrees to become a bootlegger. His skills at recording the screen with a tiny, hand-held camera are top-notch, so he’s roped into helping out the little kid on the street who can’t get into R rated movies. You know the episode I’m talking about, the one where Elaine dances all weird. (Here comes the horrible segue-way!) If… Read More

  • Why is Hulu more valued by advertisers than YouTube?

    Something’s wrong with YouTube, and it looks like Hulu stands to benefit. YouTube, as you’re all painfully aware, is primarily comprised of short videos of guys falling off their skateboards (embedded here), dudes playing video game songs on the piano and illegal Seinfeld clips. Those types of videos aren’t attractive to advertisers. That may explain why YouTube, which had… Read More

  • Latest Microsoft ad – sans Seinfeld

    Check it out! The latest commercial has Bill, but no Jerry. It actually drives home that a lot of people use a PC and not everyone looks like Apple’s PC character. Well done. Read More

  • Microsoft to use Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates, and $300 million to battle Vista woes

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is launching a $300 million ad campaign starting September 4th. The ads will star none other than Jerry Seinfeld, who’s reported to be receiving about $10 million. Not bad, eh? The campaign is being developed to combat the negative image that many consumers have about Windows Vista and also to finally push back against Apple’s… Read More

  • Crumpler's Regifting Day

    Even though “Seinfeld” has been off the air for over nine years, I still reference it quite a bit. Who doesn’t celebrate Festivus or quietly chant “serenity now”? I find myself telling friends and family, ‘no soup for you’, all the time. Did you know that of the 60 million Seinfeld earned this year most of it came from royalties? “Seinfeld”… Read More

  • Swivel Search For TiVo Goes Live

    TiVo’s trying to make searching for different video content easier with its new Swivel Search feature that rolls out today. Developed for broadband-connected TiVos, Swivel Search is sort of a meta search that spiders the many different sources of TiVo content, like TiVoCast and Amazon Unbox, to find content that interests you. For example, saying you’re watching an episode of… Read More