• Breitling’s Avenger Hurricane 45 watch uses dense composites to stay light

    Breitling’s Avenger Hurricane 45 watch uses dense composites to stay light

    According to horological legend the first luxury watch made of steel – the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak caused great consternation when it launched in 1972. Up until then there were timekeepers – small, cheap watches like Timex and Seiko – and expensive pieces that you handed out at retirements from brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. To build a luxury watch in steel was… Read More

  • Seiko Will Reissue Ripley’s Futuristic Alien-Fighting Watch

    Seiko Will Reissue Ripley’s Futuristic Alien-Fighting Watch

    In space no one can hear you tick. In the movie Alien, futuristic alien butt-kicker Sigourney Weaver AKA Ripley wore a futuristic-looking chronograph. This piece, the Seiko 7A28-7000, was one of the first watches with a quartz chronograph movement and featured a unique pusher design with buttons that stuck straight up on either end of a large metallic bar on the side of the case. Read More

  • Watch Nerdery: Up Close With The New Seiko “Orange Monster”

    Watch Nerdery: Up Close With The New Seiko “Orange Monster”

    If you know me, you know two things about me: I love watches and I smell, faintly, of ferret. That’s why I’d like to share my excitement at this review of the new Seiko SRP313K1 “Orange Monster,” one of the nicest and least expensive automatic diving watches you can buy. Read More

  • Hands On With Seiko's New Sportura Alarm Chronograph Watch

    One of Seiko’s new “nicer” mainstream watches for 2011 is this really attractive Sportura Alarm Chronograph watches. The Sportura range has always captured my attention pleasantly – for offering attractive designs, logical functions, easy to read dials, as well as competitive pricing. This model is really a treat, coming in a few versions that borrow design cues from… Read More

  • Seiko E-Ink Watch Now Available For Pre-Order In Japan

    If you’ve been looking to slap a little E-Ink on your wrist and didn’t want to go the Phosphor route, Seiko has the watch for you. The Seiko E-Ink watch is essentially a high-tech LCD watch using E-Ink as the display medium, thereby reducing battery drain. Read More

  • Murata's Awesome Unicycle Robots Get A 2010 Upgrade

    Japan-based electronics company Murata caused a splash two years ago with Little Seiko, a a small humanoid robot [JP] that can unicycle forward and backward and is also able to stop without falling over. A male version, Little Seisaku [ENG], with similar skills exists, too. And now, Murata has announced [JP] 2010 updates for the robots. Read More

  • Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Titanium Watch

    This is the mechanical Seiko sport watch to own in 2010. Representing the purely mechanical – versus Spring Drive – movement based Ananta watches in the US, this new for 2010 Automatic Chronograph ref. SRQ009 in titanium. When I first saw this watch I was pretty sure that it was going to be a limited edition, but it isn’t. The titanium Ananta automatic will be part of… Read More

  • Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch Hands-On

    The digital watch is back. Seiko’s new Active Matrix EPD watch will get you excited about non analog quartz timepieces once again. Digital has been here all along you say? Yea, that is true, but no self-respecting watch lover would wear one unless doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, or engaging in some other highly pedestrian activity. Go to any country that is “watch… Read More

  • Seiko Shows World's First Active Matrix E-Ink Watch

    We first blogged about it back in April this year, and now it’s here: the world’s first world’s first watch with an active matrix e-ink system. Developed by Seiko, the “Active Matrix EPD” watch [PDF] crams a total of 72,000 pixels into a 2x3cm display. Read More

  • Time for E-ink: Seiko announces the first active-matrix watch

    Here’s an interesting little tidbit; Seiko just announced that they are going to producing the world’s first active matrix e-ink timepiece. That’s right, a wristwatch that uses e-reader technology to display the time. Could we be looking at the next LCD display technology? Read More

  • Wearing your beats on your wrist drum machine

    I suspect this would have been the watch that Herbie Hancock wore when he made his famous “Rockit” video. Back in the early 1980’s, Seiko was trying to put everything from TV’s to radio’s into watches, and along with those ill advised choices, they also made the drum machine watch. Ugly and over priced, the watch never caught on with the public. Read More

  • PyramidTalk: Seiko updates their cult clocks from the 1980s

    Some of the older CrunchGear readers will surely remember the Pyramidtalk, a clock that verbally announced the time and other information. Seiko started selling the clock in 1984, and it turned out to be a big worldwide hit, with sales ballooning to 200,000 units per year at its peak. And now, just in time for Christmas, consumers (in Japan, at least) can lay their hands on an updated… Read More

  • Epson develops world's first 4K-compatible HTPS TFT LCD panel for 3LCD projectors

    In June, Epson said it has begun mass-production of the world’s first HTPS-TFT panel boasting WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels). And today, five months later, the same company announced [press release in English] what it claims is the world’s first 4K-compatible HTPS (high-temperature polysilicon) TFT LCD panel for 3LCD projectors. Read More

  • Ooots ooots ooots: Seiko with a built-in drum machine

    Not much to tell about the Seiko “Drum” except that it had a built-in drum machine for those so enthusiastic about the manufacture of hot 1980s beats that they couldn’t wait to get home to the 808. Read More

  • Seiko wants to give its expensive watches to the whole world now

    Economic crisis? What crisis? At least Seiko thinks there is still a global customer segment that can afford its high-end models. In August, the company will become Japan’s first watchmaker to offer high-end wristwatches outside its home market. Read More

  • Slimstick: Seiko's walking aid gadget gets an update

    Seiko Japan’s Slimstick [JP], a pedometer, hit stores in Nippon last year and proved to be a huge hit among body-conscious Japanese girls. Now the company added five new colors to the three existing ones (zebra gold, silver, pink, white and piano black), but the specs remain unchanged. Read More

  • Seiko develops world's most solar-efficient clock

    Seiko yesterday announced it has developed the world’s most solar-efficient clock [JP]. The HS533W will go on sale in Japan at the beginning of next month (price: $310). Seiko hasn’t said yet if the device will ever find its way outside Nippon. The clock, which is just 8.5mm thick, comes equipped with a CR2032 battery as a backup power supply. Seiko says in dark places, the clock… Read More

  • Seiko Automatic Discusburger: Get you one

    This watch mixes three things I love: a nice size, a great brand, and a good movement. This odd digital watch is actually being sold by Seiko right now for about $898 direct from Japan and it’s actually totally worth it. This is a nice watch. It uses a 6R15 movement with hacking and it’s a hefty 43mm wide. You’ve even got a see-through back. I’m in love. Read More

  • Seiko releases Hello Kitty alarm clock

    Seiko has announced a new Hello Kitty alarm clock, which triples as a thermometer and a hand mirror. The compact device (92×32×80mm) will go on sale in Japan this week. It will wake you up with three different chimes. Kitty says (in Japanese):
    – “It’s Kitty! You are still sleeping? If you oversleep, I will get angry!”
    – “Good morning! This is… Read More