seiko epson

  • Seiko Epson pave way for 37-inch and larger OLED screens

    Yay for Seiko Epson! The corporation just announced a breakthrough in the layering of organic material that should allow for larger OLED screens eventually. The current method, called Vacuum Thermal Evaporation (VTE), has problems producing uniform layers for large screens. This new method however overcomes the problems by using inkjet techniques, which should allow for larger screens. Read More

  • Epson and Infineon present superior single-chip GPS receiver

    Germany’s top chipmaker Infineon and Seiko Epson today presented a new single-chip GPS receiver that boasts the highest sensitivity and smallest footprint on the market. The so-called XPOSYS chip will mainly be used in cell phones with built-in navigation functions. Read More

  • Seiko Epson presents direct-view 3D-display for mobile phones

    Seiko Epson developed a display for mobile phones which makes it possible for users to view 3D images without having to wear 3D glasses. The 2.57-inch prototype features a pixel count of 1024×768 (XGA). The company claims their direct-view displays will deliver 3D images in high quality due to their high pixel count. Seiko Epson uses lenticular lenses to create the 3D effect, arrays of… Read More