• Game Content Under the Microscope: An Insider Talks

    An avid gamer since his youth, author Steven L. Kent has seen the evolution from flat 2D arcade games to epic non-linear 3D adventures. Kent talked to CrunchGear for the second part of our series on video game violence and content. For more than a decade Kent has been the video game industry’s most prolific writer to date. His work has appeared in dozens of magazines and Web sites. Read More

  • SEGA and Marvel Bring out the Super B Team

    When you think of a super hero who comes to mind? Batman, Spiderman, Superman, the Hulk… and, yeah, that dude with the, yeah, you know the mask and the costume! After X-Men and the aforementioned heroes, the crowded world of crime fighters is really just a bunch of dudes who like to dress up and fight equally strange villains. But if the exploits from the likes of Captain America, Thor and… Read More

  • NiGHTS For The Wii is Real, Available Winter

    NiGHTS for the Nintendo Wii is real, is coming out this winter and is titled NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. We’ve seen a bunch of rumors in the past week pointing to a sequel, but now the game’s producer has officially announced the game’s existence, saying “NiGHT flies into a new dream world wit a new story and on a new platform called the Wii.” I didn’t have… Read More

  • Nintendo to Buy SEGA

    This week it sure seemed strange to hear that Nintendo’s Mario and SEGA’s Sonic would be appearing in a video game together, but this was no doubt just to test the waters for a possible merger of the two former rivals. SEGA exited the hardware arena in 2000 after lackluster sales of the Dreamcast video game system, which had been released in September of 1999. For a while last year… Read More

  • NiGHTS Sequel Planned For Nintendo Wii

    That’s it. Consider me sold. If you want to hit a really soft, puppyesque spot in my heart, go for the Sega Saturn. Word is that one of the best platformers of all time will be getting a sequel for the Nintendo Wii. Sonic Team has confirmed with Nintendo and SEGA that they are working on a new NiGHTS game that will feature the Wiimote for controls and everyone’s favorite… Read More

  • Unreleased Consoles That Could Have Been, But Weren't

    While we watch the horizon for signs of a black Xbox or discounted PS3 or any store with a Wii in stock, we’d like to share Techeblog’s list of top five game systems that never made it to store shelves, let alone to gamers brains. Our fave is the Sega Neptune, mostly because it actually looks like it would have been cool (for the time). There are, of course, others. I personally… Read More

  • Coleco Sonic Handheld

    The Coleco “Sonic Handheld”, available for preorder at Target now, is a portable handheld gaming system that features a bunch of Sega Genesis titles. We don’t really know where this came from, Coleco announced that it was going to release a new Colecovision console back in November of 2005. A year later, we get our the Sonic Handheld instead. Don’t get me wrong: I’m… Read More

  • Dreamcast Watch

    I have thus far let my perverse love of timepieces go unquenched on these pages, but no longer. Here is a fancy Dreamcast Watch that opens up just like the original Dreamcast to reveal the time. Practical? No. Geek-tastic? Yes. It’s available now for pre-order for $129 and will ship September 29. If it was every your goal to have a portable Dreamcast, this is probably about the… Read More

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