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Sega Toys Dates And Prices Its R2-D2 Homestar Planetarium (Which Shows The Death Star)

Back in June, <a href="">Sega Toys</a> in Japan <a href="">teased</a> t

Sega Toys' R2-D2 Homestar Planetarium Shows The Death Star

<img src="" /> Second Sega Toys <a href="">Homestar</a> Planetarium news it

Homestar Travel: Sega Toys' Planetarium Lets You See The Starry Skies From 6 Different World Cities

<img src="" /> Sega Toys in Japan is selling another model in their hit <a href="">Homestar

Sega Toys' New Home Planetarium Shows Tokyo Sky Tree Skyscraper

<img src="" alt="" width="620" height="465" /></a> Sega Toys Japan <a href="

Sega Toys Shows 3D Spray Art Toy

<img src="" /> The <a href="">3D</a> craze we're currently witnessing isn't limited to the home elec

Homestar Aqua: Sega Toys rolls out new planetarium for your bathroom (video)

<img src="" /> Sega Toys' series of planetarium projection systems for home use, the so-called <a href="

Dream Cat Venus: Sega Toys to roll out creepy animal robot

<img src="" /> Sega Toys Japan is pretty active when it comes to developing toy robots. They are the company behind the

Video: Sega Toys' new projector brings fireworks show to your living room

<img src="" /> <a href="">Sega Toys Japan</a> yesterday unveiled the <em>Uchia

Hanappa: Sega Toys to offer yet another plant listening to your sorrows

<img src="" /> I blogged about Sega Toys' Pekoppa, the plant that listens and reacts to everything a person sa

Orgel Spa: Hear music in your bathtub, feel extreme relaxation

<img src="" /> Sega Toys in Japan is selling a waterproof "music ball" that helps you relax while you take a bath. <a href="h

Homestar Extra: Sega Toys' Homestar Planetarium gets an upgrade

Sega Toys Japan introduced a mini planetarium for bathrooms in June (available for people living outside Nippon here) and now updates its super-successful home planetarium series with the Homestar Ext

Sega Toys Japan introduces mini jukebox for home use

Sega Toys Japan today announced they will start selling a mini jukebox [JP, PDF] on October 22. The $300-device is Japan-only at this point. Sized at 200×160×340mm (weight: 2kg), the audio player co

Sega Toys sells ultra-cute and girls-only portable music player

Sega Toys has started selling Soundcarrier Party on the Japanese market, a portable music player “for females only”, as the company says in the official press release [JP, PDF]. It’s

Sega Toys presents a new robot animal, the dream hamster

Following robot cats, baby biddies and scary big dogs, Sega Toys now announced [JP, PDF] they will start selling a robotic hamster starting August 8th. The company plans to produce no less than 100,00

Sega Toys/Hasbro won't give us their music robot A.M.P. anytime soon, it seems

Sega Toys in Japan seems to have postponed the release of the “Automated Music Personality” robot A.M.P. for an unknown time period. Apparently, potential buyers in the US, where Hasbro wi

Sega Toys Japan unveils overly cute robot dog that responds to commands

From August 8th, Sega Toys Japan will start selling a robot dog [JP, PDF] specifically designed for children between 4-8 years old. The “Uchi no Suupa Doggu Sakadachi Rakki” (My Super Stan

Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 3 (final): The coolest electronic toys on video

The following videos I shot show some of the coolest electronic stuff (not including robots) I have come across at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. Takara Tomy’s Aero Spider was especially impr

Tokyo Toy Show 2008: All award winners, first impressions, pictures

Today I went to Odaiba, a strangely futuristic island just off the coast of Tokyo Bay, to cover this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. The event takes place every June and is one of the biggest and most im

Sega introduces a planetarium for your bathroom

Sega Toys officially announced its newest update to the Homestar (home planetarium) series, the Homestar Spa planetarium [JP, PDF]. The water-resistant device, which is shaped like the planet Saturn,

New kissing robot from Japan

Sega Toys today announced [JP, PDF] they will start selling a new humanoid robot in Japan, E.M.A., on September 26th. E.M.A. stands for “Eternal, Maiden, Actualization” (whatever that mean
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