• As the Markets Melt, Wikinvest Wire Launches To Offer Advice From Financial Blogs

    The current market gyrations have investors running everywhere seeking advice. What better time to launch a newswire culled from the latest posts of financial bloggers? That’s the idea behind Wikinvest Wire, which has just been launched by the user-edited investment site Wikinvest. Except that it is not really a newswire in the traditional sense. It is more like a contextual… Read More

  • Seeking Alpha nails Benchmark Funding, Yahoo Deal

    New York based Seeking Alpha, a financial news site that takes content submissions from over 200 contributors to cover over 4,000 publicly traded companies, had a very good day today. They are announcing a deal with Yahoo to include Seeking Alpha content in Yahoo Finance, as well as a round of financing from Benchmark Capital. The Yahoo deal is very similar to a Yahoo/Gawker deal announced… Read More