Crunch Report | Waymo Wants $2.6B for Trade Secret

Nest releases a new alarm system, the Nest Secure, SpaceX files trademark for name of internet service and Waymo wants $2.6 billion for allegedly stolen trade secret. All this on Crunch Report.

Boeing Black Secure Smartphone Hits The FCC, Aims To Be The Next BlackBerry

BlackBerry still enjoys a number of government smartphone contracts, but a new Android device forthcoming from Boeing might threaten that relationship. The aviation giant copped to development of a se

Lok-it secure USB drive protects your data

<img src="" />I love this device. It's always bothered me that if you lose a USB key, you lose the data as well. The Lok-I

Combination lock USB drive doomed to stay as a concept

<img src="" />When I first saw the picture of this USB drive, I immediately thought, "Why am I being assigned to write about a pregna

Kingston introduces government-certified DT BlackBox USB Drive

Kingston Technology has announced the most secure USB drive ever. So secure that it is the first USB drive to have been FIPS-certified by the U.S. Government. The Kingston DataTraveler BlackBox has 25