Akeyless secures a cash infusion to help companies manage their passwords, certificates and keys

Back in 2018, Refael Angel, a former security software engineer at Intuit, had an idea for a new approach to protect encryption keys — the random string of bits created to scramble and unscrambl

Build A Company That Attracts The Next Steve Jobs

[youtube=] Editor’s note: Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 45-city community in 20-countries, uniting the global st

Secret controls for the new iTunes visualizer are like, totally out of this world, man

Cool visualizers have had controls for as long as I can remember — as a somewhat foggy-headed college student, I spent too much time tweaking Milkdrop and Geiss and listening to Tool. Laugh all

LG secrets leaked to Chinese manufacturing company

Apparently life’s NOT so good at LG nowadays (see how I did that?), as word’s come out that a former manager leaked almost 1,200 secret company files to a Chinese manufacturing company. Th

Lost in-game video: Not Penny's game!

CAV has some video from the upcoming Ubisoft Lost game, which I suspect will be a stinker on the level of TMNT for the NES. However, they do offer up some plot details including a secret “Hot Co

EVH Reveals Frankenstrat Secrets Admit it. Ever since you first heard “Runnin’ With The Devil” you’ve worshiped Van Halen. Those sick guitar licks, tight bass and ass-les

iPhone Field Test Mode Explored

Want to be just like that cool guy in the truck who gets to walk around testing cellular reception? Just enter “*3001#12345#*” into your iPhone — you can even do it during a call. Th

Microsoft's Mystery Product: Game Table? Yah, Probably

Gizmodo’s got word that Microsoft will be releasing “something totally new coming out of the Entertainment and Devices division, and it’s going to change the way people interact with

New Halo 3 Armor Types Discovered

Being the excited fanboys that they are, any Halo 3 news is good news to most 360 owners. Seems one investigative Halo 3 beta-player dug deep into the files being used for the game and found a little

Verizon Sales Rep Dishes on Contracts

Consumerist is running an interview with a former Verizon rep who is spilling the beans on that company’s customer retention policies and confusing everyone in the process. Essentially, he&#8217