• Back off SEC: Let's Put the "Risk" of Secondary Markets in Perspective

    Back off SEC: Let's Put the "Risk" of Secondary Markets in Perspective

    Back in early 2009, I was concerned about the development of private stock secondary market exchanges. I was concerned that it would affect retention of top executives if people were able to cash out before an IPO too easily. I worried companies wouldn’t be careful enough about who they would allow to own chunks of them. I thought it would be just a band-aid for a larger industry… Read More

  • Facebook Shares Up 4.2% In This Week's SecondMarket Auction

    We’ve been tracking these fabulous SecondMarket Facebook stock auctions for the last three weeks. The shares hit a roughly $50 billion valuation in a big auction in late November, when $40 million changed hands. Last week the price edged up 1.2% to $21.01. This week’s auction has now closed as well. The closing price was $21.90, up 4.2% from last week. Someone actually guessed… Read More

  • Facebook Now Worth $50 Billion In Secondary Trading

    It was just a few weeks ago that Accel Partners sold off around half a billion dollars of Facebook shares at a company valuation of $35 billion. If you thought that was insane, and a lot of commenters did, then don’t read the rest of this post. You’ll only get more jealous. Around $40 million changed hands last week in a Facebook share auction held by SecondMarket. The end price… Read More

  • Facebook Continues To Dominate SecondMarket Transactions: The Q3 Report

    Private company stock trading startup SecondMarket just released their Q3 transaction report. The highlight – Facebook continues to dominate with 37% of total transactions, although SecondMarket doesn’t break out the total size of those transactions. Nearly $75 million worth of stock flowed through them in the last three months, though (up from $51 million in Q2): The… Read More

  • Foursquare, Scribd, And Spotify To Be Dubbed 2011 Technology Pioneers At Davos

    The World Economic Forum has announced its list of 31 Technology Pioneers for 2011. The Technology Pioneers are its list of up-and-coming startups. Last year’s list included Twitter, Playfish, and Boston Power. The year before, Mint, Etsy, and Brightcove were named. Joining the pantheon this year are foursquare, Knewton, Layar, Scribd, and Spotify. However, greentech is equally strong… Read More

  • SecondMarket And StockTwits Team Up To Let You Tweet About Private Company Stock

    StockTwits has built a business out of people tweeting their thoughts and actions around various public stocks. SecondMarket has built a business out of people interested in the buying and selling of various private stocks. It seems only natural to shove the two together. Which is exactly what they’re doing today with a new partnership. As you may be aware, to send a tweet to StockTwits… Read More

  • Facebook's Market Cap On SecondMarket Is Now $25 Billion (Bigger Than Yahoo's)

    If Facebook were a publicly traded company, its market value would rival Yahoo’s and be ten times bigger than AOL’s, if demand for its private shares are any indication. Shares of Facebook on private-company stock market SecondMarket are going through the roof right now. This week, Facebook shares traded on SecondMarket passed $50, giving Facebook a total market value of $25… Read More

  • It's Not Just Twitter And Facebook. Disrupt Is An App Platform, Too.

    Facebook, Twitter, and other places people gather, socialize and share, have turned out to be ideal app platforms. At TechCrunch Disrupt, we’re taking this trend offline.  Disrupt is our media and technology conference starting tomorrow. Check out our amazing agenda. And yes, we will sell tickets at the door. Disrupt-as-platform started yesterday with our developer-packed Hack Day… Read More

  • Facebook Shares Hit $50 On SecondMarket

    Facebook shares just keep going up on SecondMarket, a platform for buying and selling private company stock. Sales are now being closed at $50/share, we’ve heard from a source (and we’ve confirmed that the best asking price is also $50/share). That values Facebook at around $22.5 billion. That’s a 100% increase since January, just a couple of months ago. Part of the quick… Read More

  • SecondMarket: $70 Million In Private Shares Traded In March

    Transactions of private-company stock on SecondMarket nearly doubled in March, rising to $70 million from $43.8 million in February. It is the highest amount that has ever been traded on SecondMarket. The stats are in its March report, which you can download here. A full 41% of the transactions were sales of Facebook stock, compared to 48% in January. We’ve reported that these sales… Read More

  • SecondMarket: Facebook And Zynga Dominate Transactions In February

    SecondMarket: Facebook And Zynga Dominate Transactions In February

    In January, private company stock marketplace SecondMarket published data on private company stock sales that they helped complete in 2009. And February’s report showed the transactions that took place in January, which showed a strong demand for consumer products and services startups. The majority of transactions in January were sales of Facebook stock. SecondMarket just released… Read More

  • Facebook, Tesla And Solyndra Dominate SecondMarket Transactions In January

    Facebook, Tesla And Solyndra Dominate SecondMarket Transactions In January

    Last month SecondMarket published data on private company stock sales that they helped complete in 2009. They’ve now released last month’s data as well. A total of a little more than $13 million in sales occurred, with the average transaction size of around $2 million. There continues to be very strong demand for consumer products and services startups (which includes companies… Read More

  • Exclusive: SecondMarket Data On Private Company Stock Sales

    SecondMarket opened up its private company stock marketplace in early 2009 and gave employees at hot startups something they never had before – an organized place to sell their stock even before the company went public or was acquired. For the first time the company is releasing information on private company buy/sell demand and completed transactions. Most companies don’t… Read More

  • Facebook Valued At $14 Billion On SecondMarket

    Offers to buy Facebook common stock have surged to $32 per share on SecondMarket, a marketplace for the buying and selling of private company stock. That offer values Facebook at roughly $14 billion. The last time we checked in, in December 2009, private sales were occurring at $25 per share, or a $11 billion valuation. This new $32/share bid price doesn’t represent an actual sale, though. Read More