• Virtual World Hangouts: So Many To Choose From

    The avatars roaming many online virtual communities may be cartoonish and their activities inconsequential, but the recent sale of Club Penguin to Disney for $350 million (with $350 million in earn out) demonstrates that the business of casual immersive worlds, or virtual hangouts, is not entirely child’s play. Virtual hangouts are where people can engage each other using imaginary… Read More

  • Second Life Bans Gambling Following FBI Investigation

    An ongoing investigation by the FBI into gambling in Second Life is believed to be directly related to Linden Lab’s sudden decision to ban all forms of gambling on Second Life. The FBI investigation commenced in April and was considering the legality of online gambling within the virtual world. The US Government prohibits most forms of online gambling. It was unclear at the time of… Read More

  • Bestiality May Be Knackered In Second Life

    Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, may be extending their crackdown on “Broadly Offensive” behavior to Bestiality, following attempts to remove virtual pedophilia (or Age-Play) from Second Life in March. The Second Life Herald (NSFW) goes on to ask whether consenting adults dressing up like animals and partaking in virtual sex with each other or with human shaped avatars… Read More

  • Will The Last Corporation Leaving Second Life Please Turn Off The Light

    The LA Times has an interesting article up on the failure of real life businesses in Second Life. The crux of the piece is that despite the hype, real life businesses are closing down their Second Life outposts due to little to no interest in them. The reasons for the failures are open to debate; from firms not engaging Second Life citizens, through to simply a lack of actual people using… Read More

  • 217 Million People Play Online Games

    217 million people worldwide play online games, according to new figures released by comScore. The study took into account all sites that provide online or downloadable games but excluded gambling sites. The 217million users account for 28 percent of all people online. Yahoo! Games led the pack, attracting 53 million unique visitors. The fastest-growing Top 10 gaming property was the… Read More

  • Second Life Copyright Infringement Claim Heads To Court

    A case of alleged copyright infringement in Second Life is heading to court. According to Reuters, Second Life entrepreneur Kevin Alderman, the owner of Eros LLC, a company that makes virtual sex beds, filed the “Eros LLC vs John Doe” lawsuit on Tuesday. Second Life user Volkov Catteneo is alleged to have copied and distributed the “SexGen Bed”, an item that sells… Read More

  • G-Men Visit Second Life Casinos, Stay for the Brothels

    The FBI has visited Linden Lab and their Second Life casinos in order to figure out just what that giant teddy bear — really a Japanese exchange student — and the fat man in Spokane who looks like a Suicide Girl and calls himself Wendy Wild are doing over at the roulette table. Yes. friends, some FBI agents want to know how online gambling in Second Life works and they won’t… Read More

  • Kaneva: A Place for (3D) Friends

    Kaneva is a new social network that extends the concept of MySpace into a virtual world. Although you’ve been able to sign up for a 2D profile on Kaneva they recently opened the doors to their 3D world. The idea is that users can create personal profile pages in the 2D space, like MySpace, but also carry out the same personalization to their virtual world apartments. The social… Read More

  • Second Life Speaks

    Second Life has had music, but has otherwise been rather mute. That’s all soon to change when Linden Lab rolls out a beta test for person-to-person speech. Like a lot of other in-game speech systems, you’ll need a headset, but Second Life will provide a different peer-to-peer chat experience than those World of Warcraft conversational gems. The new system will mimic speech in the… Read More

  • Forget Second Life. Get a First Life.

    Darren Barefoot voices his dismay over all the Second Life hype by creating a very, very funny parody site called “Get a First Life.” The site describes itself as a “3D analog world” and suggests you “access your closet to build your First Life look.” My favorite line is “Fornicate using your actual genitals.” Hilarious. No comment from Second… Read More

  • Second Life Goes Open Source – Should It Be Non Profit, Too?

    Second Life made their client software open source today, sparking near rapture among its hard core users (see comments to their blog post). The first two paragraphs of the announcement talk a lot about about the inevitability of destiny. And they mention Second Life in the same breath as Mosaic and Mozilla. I’m a Second Life fan, but sometimes the hype gets to be a little too much. At… Read More

  • Dell To Make Announcement In Second Life

    This new trend of announcing news in Second Life is generally pissing off journalists, who don’t have a lot of time to waste. But Dell is apparently going ahead with plans to host an invite-only press event inside of Second Life on Tuesday morning at 10:15 AM PST to announce that they’ll have an ongoing presence within the virtual world. The virtual event is under heavy embargo with… Read More

  • Crayon Claims To Be First SecondLife Company

    Virtual reality service SecondLife must be loving all of the positive press it’s receiving lately. After raising another $11 million in funding earlier this year (bringing their total to $19 million), they celebrated their third birthday and recently announced their 1,000,000th user registration. Putting the recent database hack aside, SecondLife is clearly hitting its stride. A… Read More

  • Metaverse breached: Second Life customer database hacked

    High profile virtual reality game Second Life reported today that one of its databases containing unencrypted user information was breached two days ago. The company confirmed that this is the first time user data has been breached since the service opened for public use in 2003. The database did not include customer credit card numbers, a requirement to register for the game (correction… Read More

  • Second Life turns three years old

    Though a pile of recent mainstream media coverage and a Jeff Bezos round of investment may have turned many readers on to the virtual world of Second Life only recently, it (like many parts of the Web 2.0 world) is not entirely new. The virtual world is celebrating it’s third birthday starting today. According to the Second Life history wiki, the world’s creators Linden Lab took… Read More