What happens to Carta now?

If a noticeable chunk of Carta startup and venture customers do leave, it would hurt the company's otherwise impressive revenue figures, but that seems unlikely to happen.

Carta’s growth story is being overshadowed by its stock trading snafu

Is Carta a bad business without a secondary-market trading arm? Can it scale on its other revenue sources to the size it needs to take its large private-market valuation live?

Deal Dive: A Stripe secondary deal worth paying attention to

A recent secondary stock sale shows that investors are starting to value Stripe above its most recent, slashed, valuation.

Secondaries investors say some valuations are still too high

While valuations have fallen quite a bit, some sectors are still too inflated for secondaries investors to find attractive.

Take the time to brush up those pitch decks

Now is a great time to brush up your pitch decks, practice your pitch, and get ready for when things kick off again next year.

5 secondaries investors tell us what’s hot and what’s not heading into 2024

Secondary activity is expected to return to normal in 2024. Five investors tells us where they are interested and where they are not.

Summer’s secondary surge didn’t last, but 2024 should be strong

Secondary activity was inconsistent this year, but if the IPO window opens back up in 2024, secondaries should return with it.

Deal Dive: Most secondary sales in venture won’t look like Tiger’s Flipkart deal

Tiger Global sold its Flipkart stake at a valuation 7% below the startup's last primary round. This outcome isn't likely to happen again.

There are signs that it will be a hot secondaries summer

Buyers and sellers are coming to a consensus on startup valuations which is the first step to jump starting the late-stage market.

Secondary market trackers are lighting up a traditionally dark deal environment

A new fleet of startups is providing access to secondary deal data, which tells us how companies are doing in an otherwise quiet market.

How to use the secondary market to find clues about who will IPO first

Tracking secondary deals gives us insight into how investors are thinking about a company's valuation and exit timeline.

Venture funding has started flooding back in at least one area: Secondaries

The venture secondaries market has been on the same roller-coaster ride as the broader VC market over the past few years, but it looks poised to break away in 2023. Like venture capital as a whole, th

VC distributions are down 90% in Q1, says Industry Ventures, an LP in 450 funds

If you’re trying to get a pulse on what’s happening in the venture market right now, you could do worse than talk with Hans Swildens, founder of the 22-year-old investment firm Industry Ventures.

137 Ventures, which provides loans to private company shareholders, just raised a new fund

137 Ventures, a 10-year-old, San Francisco-based firm that offers loans to founders, executives, early employees and other large shareholders of private, high-growth tech companies in exchange for the

These Forge co-founders just raised $5 million to work on a new, still-stealth investing startup

Sohail Prasad and Samvit Ramadurgam are co-founders who met during Y Combinator’s 2012 summer batch and went on to co-found Forge, which helps accredited investors and institutions buy and sell

Is buying and selling short positions in pre-IPO stock next? This fintech startup is banking on it

Even the most sanguine industry observer has to be stunned at times by the pace of dealmaking right now. Not quite halfway through 2021, startups are routinely closing new rounds just months apart and

Founders Circle Capital has raised a new $355 million fund to buy primary and secondary shares

Founders Circle Capital, a nine-year-old, San Francisco-based investment firm that strikes agreements with private, venture-backed companies to buy some of the vested stock options of their founders a

Appfire, provider of Atlassian apps, raises $100M to continue its buying spree

Appfire, a Boston-based provider of software development apps, announced Tuesday that it has received a $100 million investment from growth private equity firm TA Associates. Founded in 2005, Appfire

Nigerian founders-turned-investors are now running syndicate funds

The Future Africa Fund kicked off in 2015 when Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Nadayar Enegesi, co-founders of U.S.-based and African-focused talent company Andela, wrote checks to African startups as angel inv

What the NFT? VC David Pakman dumbs down the intensifying digital collectibles frenzy

Non-fungible tokens have been around for two years, but these NFTs, one-of-one digital items on the Ethereum and other blockchains, are suddenly becoming a more popular way to collect visual art prima
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