• SearchMe's Intellectual Assets Being Broken Up And Sold In Parts

    Anyone want to buy $45 million worth of visual search patents and other intellectual property? That’s about how much venture capital went into visual search engine SearchMe, which closed down in July and was looking for a buyer. It looks like that search was not successful, and now it is offering to sell its portfolio of intellectual property, in whole or in part, to the highest… Read More

  • SearchMe May Go Offline Tomorrow (Updated: Offline Now)

    An Update to our post yesterday about Sequoia-funded search startup SearchMe. The company needs a new round of financing or a quick acquisition to stay online, but so far neither are happening. CEO Randy Adams wrote to me this morning with an update on where things stand. I reprint most of it below with his permission. Bottom line, The site may go offline at least temporarily tomorrow if a… Read More

  • SearchMe Searching For A Buyer

    We’ve known that that visual search engine SearchMe has been looking for a new round of financing these last few months. But from what we hear they aren’t having a lot of luck closing that financing – something was on the table, our sources say, but fell through. As an alternative strategy, they’ve approached a number of possible buyers to see if they can close an… Read More

  • Twine Tries To Manage The Stream With New Coverflow-Like Design

    What is the best way to sift through a stream of information? The list view seems to be the most popular because it is information-dense and easy to scan, but it can be overwhelming. More visually appealing ways to manage data are needed. Twine, a site which lets you collect and subscribe to different interest feeds, just introduced a new way to wade through its streams. The new Flash… Read More

  • Visual Search Engine SearchMe Moves Ad Platform Out Of Beta

    SearchMe, the search engine startup which presents search results as a stack of full-page previews that you can flip through, is bringing its ad network out of beta. The Searchme ad platform, which was originally named AdView when it launched in February, is the visual search engine’s version of AdWords, except that instead of selling paid text links, it intersperses ads into results… Read More

  • Middlespot Is An Alternative Visual Search Engine

    A company profile that was just submitted: Middlespot, another startup taking a crack at making the web search experience more visual, joining the likes of SearchMe, Snap and Viewzi. Like its counterparts, Middlespot aims to enhance searching for websites, images, news, Amazon and even Twitter by returning screenshots of results rather than just text links. Kicking off a keyword-based search… Read More

  • Paid Search Just Got Visual: SearchMe Launches AdView Beta (Free Ads For First 500 Signups)

    What happens when you make paid search ads both relevant and visual? Searchme, the search engine startup which presents results as a stack of full-page previews that you can flip through, is hoping to find out with the beta launch of AdView. Its first foray into advertising, AdView is SearchMe’s version of AdWords, except that instead of selling of paid text links it will be… Read More

  • SearchMe Adds Music Search With Unlimited Streaming Via Imeem Widgets

    Okay, this has to be the coolest hack of the week. Visual search engine SearchMe has just added a music search tab that brings back results with free, legal, unlimited full-song streams and cover art you can flip through. It’s CoverFlow on the Web. And it actually trumps the experience one Yahoo’s music search, which also offers free full streams through Rhapsody—but those… Read More

  • SearchMe Calls Out Yahoo On BOSS Screenshot

    SearchMe, a new Sequoia-backed search engine that launched in March, isn’t happy with some of the screen shots that have been seen around the Internet promoting Yahoo’s new BOSS (“Build Your Own Search Service”) product. In particular, this shot, which was included in a CNET article, shows what appears to be SearchMe’s search interface (itself borrowed from… Read More

  • What Will Happen to Lehman's Startup Orphans?

    As Lehman Brothers sells off its assets following its bankruptcy, there is still a big question as to what will happen to its venture arm and, more importantly, how any change in ownership will affect the companies in which Lehman Brothers Venture Partners holds a stake. Like many investment banks, Lehman got into venture investing in the mid-1990s to try to capture some of those venture returns. Read More

  • Searchme Launches Visual Search Engine For Mobile Devices

    Searchme is starting to focus much of its time in the mobile space. Last week, it said it will launch an iPhone app and today it announced that it has launched a visual search engine for mobile devices that can be accessed by surfing to the company’s mobile page. Searchme’s visual search engine delivers results as a browsable list of “pages,” which are actually images… Read More

  • SearchMe Is Coming To The iPhone (Naturally)

    We once asked if Apple’s CoverFlow is a better interface for image search than the typical thumbnail grid approach. But what about for mobile search? SearchMe thinks it is good for both. The visual search engine that launched last March is working on a natural extension: a visual search app for the iPhone. The app is ready, but the company is still waiting for it to be approved by… Read More

  • SearchMe Launches Stacks, Gets Serious About Search Relevance

    New Sequoia-backed visual search engine SearchMe launched a bunch of new features today – new video and image search engines as well as a new visual bookmarking tool called stacks. The main new feature, stacks, allows users to bookmark and group sites and share them, visually, with others. To create a stack, you simply drag results into a newly created stack. See the how to video below… Read More

  • Get Into The SearchMe Private Beta Right Now

    New Sequoia-backed visual search engine SearchMe is just starting to send invitations to their private beta, which launched last week. The company says there are 30,000 people now on the waiting list. But if you want to get in now, just click here and enter your email. The first 1,000 people get in immediately. CrunchBase Information SearchMe Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • SearchMe Launches New Search Engine With Heavy Backing From Sequoia

    Mountain View based SearchMe has been around since 2005 and has raised $31 million from Sequoia, DAG Ventures and Lehman Brothers. But until last weekend when I met founders Randy Adams and John Holland I knew next to nothing about them. It now joins Mahalo as one of Sequoia’s big bets in search. I say “next to nothing” because I actually did write about them before. In… Read More

  • Wikipedia Search Engine WikiSeek Launches

    Palo Alto based startup SearchMe has kept a low profile since being founded in March 2005. The company, which has 17 employees and raised $5 million from Sequoia Capital over two rounds, will launch a number of what founder Randy Adams calls “long tail search engines” in the near future. The first product they are launching is WikiSeek, which went live about an hour ago and will… Read More