SearchMe's Intellectual Assets Being Broken Up And Sold In Parts

<img src="" width="215" height="118" /> Anyone want to buy $45 million worth of visual search patents and other intellectual proper

SearchMe May Go Offline Tomorrow (Updated: Offline Now)

<img src="" width="215" height="43" />An Update to our <a href="

SearchMe Searching For A Buyer

<img src="" width="215" height="43" />We've known that that visual search engine <a href="http://www.searchm

Twine Tries To Manage The Stream With New Coverflow-Like Design

<img src="" width="215" height="101" /> What is the best way to sift through a stream of information? The list view seems to

Visual Search Engine SearchMe Moves Ad Platform Out Of Beta

<img src="" width="201" height="56" /> <a href="">SearchMe,</a> the search engine startup which presents searc

Middlespot Is An Alternative Visual Search Engine

<img src="" width="131" height="123" />A company profile that was just <a href="">submitted</a>: <

Paid Search Just Got Visual: SearchMe Launches AdView Beta (Free Ads For First 500 Signups)

<img src="" /> What happens when you make paid search ads both relevant and visual? <a href="">Searchme</

SearchMe Adds Music Search With Unlimited Streaming Via Imeem Widgets

<img src="" /> Okay, this has to be the coolest hack of the week. Visual search engine <a href="">SearchMe

SearchMe Calls Out Yahoo On BOSS Screenshot

<img src="" alt="" title="BOSS logo picture" class="alignright size-full wp-image-19791" /><a href="">SearchMe</a>

What Will Happen to Lehman's Startup Orphans?

<img src="" /> As Lehman Brothers sells off its assets following its bankruptcy, there is still a big question as to what will happen to i

Searchme Launches Visual Search Engine For Mobile Devices

<img src="" alt="Searchme" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Searchme</a> is starting to focus much of it

SearchMe Is Coming To The iPhone (Naturally)

<img src="" />We once asked if Apple's CoverFlow is a<a href="

SearchMe Launches Stacks, Gets Serious About Search Relevance

New Sequoia-backed visual search engine SearchMe launched a bunch of new features today – new video and image search engines as well as a new visual bookmarking tool called stacks. The main new

Get Into The SearchMe Private Beta Right Now

New Sequoia-backed visual search engine SearchMe is just starting to send invitations to their private beta, which launched last week. The company says there are 30,000 people now on the waiting list.

SearchMe Launches New Search Engine With Heavy Backing From Sequoia

Mountain View based SearchMe has been around since 2005 and has raised $31 million from Sequoia, DAG Ventures and Lehman Brothers. But until last weekend when I met founders Randy Adams and John Holla

Wikipedia Search Engine WikiSeek Launches

Palo Alto based startup SearchMe has kept a low profile since being founded in March 2005. The company, which has 17 employees and raised $5 million from Sequoia Capital over two rounds, will launch a