• Sony's Grouper Picks Fight With Searchles

    This morning Grouper sent social search engine Searchles a C&D letter and, of course, it was published to the web. Here’s Searchles’ response. Grouper doesn’t like Grouper videos being streamed on the site’s new Searchles TV product. Grouper’s main complaint deals with the re-skinning of the the videos in the Searchles player, which removes their branding… Read More

  • Searchles Nabs Another Angel Round

    Washington D.C based community search engine Searchles has grabbed another angel round today, topping off $600K of previous funding with another $300K. More than half of that total funding has gone towards developing the proprietary search engine Dumbfind that underlies Searchles. Searchles lets you save and tag via bookmarklet like Delicious, but has a finer grained control when searching… Read More