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Whirlpool acquires Yummly, the recipe search engine last valued at $100M

Some consolidation in the world of subject-specific search and social networks, as a legacy player from the world of white goods makes a play for a wider audience. The Whirlpool Corporation — t

Major Cloudflare bug leaked sensitive data from customers’ websites

Cloudflare revealed a serious bug in its software today that caused sensitive data like passwords, cookies, authentication tokens to spill in plaintext from its customers’ websites. The announce

This amazing search engine automatically face-swaps you into your image results

Ever wonder what you would look like with long, wavy hair? I think you'd look great. But how can you try on a few looks without spending a fortune at the salon, or hours in photoshop? I'm glad you ask

Dutch Startup Leakserv Takes Aim At Revenge Porn

Dutch startup Leakserv is playing in the online identity management space, with a special focus on helping victims of revenge porn who want specific content taken offline.

The Future Of The Web Is All About Context

Imagine a world where search engines proactively send recommended articles, people and companies to their users -- and all of these recommendations are extremely helpful and relevant. This is an examp

How Businesses Are Leveraging Public Data To Reach Target Audiences

It’s no secret that the growth of publicly available data, or open data, is more prevalent than ever. From government databases, such as those aggregated by, to data made available via tool

A Security Researcher Just Dumped 10 Million Real Passwords

Security researcher Mark Burnett released a torrent of 10 million passwords and usernames, a trove of comparatively anonymized data that he sourced from open websites from around the web. The password

Yahoo Starts Prompting Chrome Users To “Upgrade” To Firefox

If you're visiting any Yahoo property today, chances are you'll see an "Upgrade to the new Firefox" link in the top-right corner of your browser window. The prompt also appears if you're using Interne

Europe’s Antitrust Chief Almunia Clears Google On Search Probe; Competitors Up In Arms

Joachin Alumnia, the European Commission's antitrust chief, has <a target="_blank" href="">today</a> finally given his final verdict on a decade-long

Beyond Their 10 Blue Links, Google’s And Bing’s Search Strategies Diverge

Not too long ago, Google and Bing seemed fully focused on adding as many social features to their search engines as possible. For Google, that meant adding lots of Google+ features and for Bing it mea

Meet Plasmyd, A Search Engine/Discussion Platform Just For Scientists

"The WWW project was started to allow high energy physicists to share data, news, and documentation," Tim Berners Lee wrote in his <a target="_blank" href="

App Analytics Firm Xyologic Goes Consumer With New Search Engine, Gets Backing From Gaming, Music Heavies

A big step up for <a target="_blank" href="">Xyologic</a>, the app analytics firm out of Berlin: it’s announcing a significant round of funding from Signia Venture Partners, t

Fortune's Stanley Bing 'moderately outraged' about Microsoft Bing

<img src="" alt="bing" />If you think you're ready for some "moderate outrage," strap in. Those are the exact words that Fortune columnist Stan