Review: Seagate's USB 3.0 BlackArmor PS110 portable hard drive kit

The future is here, everyone. Let’s check out the just-announced Seagate BlackArmor PS110 Performance kit. It’s Seagate’s first USB 3.0 product and it’s noice — where noi

The BlackArmor PS 110 gets Seagate in the USB 3.0 game

<img src="">Hope you're ready for CES's flood of <a href="">USB 3.0 drives and accessories</a>. Se

Seagate makes the wafer-thin 2.5-inch Momentus hard drive official

We knew this hard drive was coming, but the info we had suggested that it was going to make a CES debut. No matter, the 7mm thin Seagate Momentus hard drive is official and Seagate is calling it the

Seagate's Momentus Thin hard drives are 2mm thinner than usual

<img src="" />A quick update to <a HREF="">yester

Seagate to announce new ultra-thin drives at CES

<img src="" />Seems like Seagate is trying to make up for some lost time in the storage technology field. After a <a href=

Who wants this Seagate T-Shirt?

<img src="">UPS just dropped off this beauty courtesy of Seagate and I think its owner should be someone that will actually wear it. T

Seagate finally shows up at the solid state drive party with an enterprise offering

<img src="">Seagate, the big huge hard drive company, has just now officially announced its first ever solid state drive. Th

Review: Seagate FreeAgent DockStar

<img src="">I like inovative products and after spending some time with the Seagate FreeAgent DockStar, I think it's just that. This

Hands-on: 1TB Seagate FreeAgent Go Portable Drive

The Seagate FreeAgent Go is a 1TB, USB-powered hard drive that works. What more do you wanna know?

Seagate’s new 2TB hard drive pushes 6Gb/s transfer speed

<img src="">Seagate’s just busted through that swing-down arm thing commonly found at tollbooths and for-pay parking lots. In the wak

Another MacBook Pro issue? ‘Clicking and beeping’ noises could be caused by hard drive conflict

<img src="" />Yet another possible glitch affecting the MacBook Pro, this time having to do with “strange clicking and beeping noise

Seagate announces a plethora of Mac-centric FreeAgent hard drives and a dock

<img src="" alt="" />Because Mac users need hard drives more than Windows users. Seagate announced some brand spankin’ new ext

Review: Seagate Replica PC backup

Step 1. Plug in Replica (Multi-PC 500GB or Single PC 250GB). Step 2. Click yes to all the licensing stuff and terms of service BS. Step 3. Walk away.

Review: Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Solution + 250GB FreeAgent Go and Dock

<img src="" alt="" /><strong>Quick Version:</strong> In short, the FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Solution from Seagate was made for

CrunchDeals: Seagate Barracude 1TB & 1.5TB

<img src="">Hard drive prices are dropping and dropping. It's it grand?! We love it. Anyway, newegg has some killer deal

Seagate delivers new drives for hot and heavy 24/7 usage

<img src="" />Seagate is claiming that their new SV35.5 series is the next step in hard drive technology, though it's nominall

Do not freeze your Seagate hard drive

<img src=""><a HREF="">Seagate</a> manager Pete Steege <a HREF="http://ww

CrunchDeals: 1.5TB external drive for $119

Newegg has a pretty good deal on a 1.5TB external hard drive. The Seagate FreeAgent costs $119, features a 7200 rpm drive, connects via USB, and includes free shipping (the deal ends today). Reviews h

Seagate announces BlackArmor storage solutions

<img src="" />Seagate announced a new product line today, the Black Armor NAS. Targeted at small businesses, the new dev

Seagate and AMD showing off SATA 3.0 and 6Gbps hard drives

<img src="">SATA 3.0 is about to bring the goods - and fast. <a href="">Seagate</a> and <a href="http
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