• Sony Rolls Out SD Cards And A Reader

    I usually don’t blog about the many, many memory cards that come out of Japan on a weekly basis, but things are a little different when Sony seems to be determined to continue embracing SD cards. Today, the company announced [JP] both, an SDXC card-compatible reader, the MRW-F3, and a whole series of SD cards. Read More

  • IFA 2010 Video: Where Are All The 2TB SDXC Cards?

    Probably the most striking thing I’ve seen so far here in Berlin was this: an array of SDXC Cards, from 64GB all the way up to 2TB. Now, I know SDXC cards aren’t exactly new—they were first shown off publicly more than a year ago—but actually seeing them in the flesh, so to speak, prompts the question: what’s the hold up? Read More

  • Toshiba's 64GB SDXC card to finally go on sale (in Japan)

    Remember way back in August last year, when Toshiba announced the “world’s first 64GB SDXC card”? Well, actually Panasonic was faster (even though that company waited until January this year with its announcement), and it already has been selling their own 64GB card [JP] in Japan since February. But starting this Saturday, Japanese users can choose between that and the… Read More

  • Who actually needs a 64GB SD card?

    The idea of having a 64GB card in your camera is a strange one. I take a fair amount of pictures in RAW, yet I rarely if ever run up against the edge of my 8GB card. I mean, you’re shooting digitally and regularly offload your pictures, right? The only situation I can think of where this might be useful is one where you literally have to shoot thousands of pictures in a row (somehow… Read More

  • Panasonic announces 48GB and 64GB SDXC cards

    We saw Toshiba announcing the world’s first 64GB SDXC memory card as early as August last year, and today Panasonic followed up [JP] by unveiling a 48GB and 64GB SDXC card, together with a USB card reader [JP] supporting the SDXC format. Both cards are in the Class10 speed range and feature a transfer rate of 22MB/sec. Read More

  • Pretec intos the world's first SDXC card

    SDXC got a 2009 CES unveiling and we are finally seeing the first batch thanks to Pretec. The companies first offering will come sporting 32GB capacity and a mighty respectable transfer speed of 50MB/s. While the card sounds great and even if it was available, there isn’t a device on the market that’s compatible yet. Sorry to get your hopes up. Read More

  • Secure Digital EXTREME Extended Capacity holds up to 2 TB

    The venerable Secure Digital memory card is getting a refresh at CES this year. The new SDXC — Secure Digital Extended Copy — will hold up to 2 terabytes of data, and promises transfer speeds of up to 300MB/sec. That’s 4,000 images in super-uncompressed RAW format, or 17,000 finely compressed JPEGs. Read More