Sony Rolls Out SD Cards And A Reader

<img src="" /> I usually don't blog about the many, many memory cards that come out of Japan on a weekly basis, but things are a

IFA 2010 Video: Where Are All The 2TB SDXC Cards?

<img src="" />Probably the most striking thing I've seen so far here in <a HREF="">Berlin</a> was this

Toshiba's 64GB SDXC card to finally go on sale (in Japan)

<img src="" /> Remember way back <a href="

Who actually needs a 64GB SD card?

<img src="" />The idea of having a 64GB card in your camera is a strange one. I take a fair amount of pictures in RAW, yet I r

Panasonic announces 48GB and 64GB SDXC cards

<img src="" /> We saw Toshiba announcing the world’s first 64GB <a href="

Pretec intos the world's first SDXC card

<img src=""><a href="">SDXC</a> got

Secure Digital EXTREME Extended Capacity holds up to 2 TB

<img src="" alt="sdxc-01" title="sdxc-01" /> The venerable Secure Digital memory card is getting a refresh at CES this year. The new SDX