• Building Smarter Apps

    Building Smarter Apps

    A new breed of mobile applications is coming. These new apps will not only “sense” the world around you, using the smartphone’s sensors like the compass, GPS, and accelerometer – they’ll also be able to combine that data with a history of your actions to intelligently determine your likes, interests and favorites. This understanding of the world, or… Read More

  • 1-Month Old BuzzDoes Scores $750K For Mobile App Marketing Platform

    1-Month Old BuzzDoes Scores $750K For Mobile App Marketing Platform

    BuzzDoes, a newly launched word-of-mouth marketing tool for mobile app developers, has secured $750,000 in seed funding from angel investors and Proxima Ventures. The tool, which operates as a drop-in SDK (software development kit), allows developers to add a viral recommendation feature to their application using a single line of code. Once installed, app users are… Read More

  • MoPho’s New App Lets You Order Photo Prints & Products Via Your iPhone

    MoPho’s New App Lets You Order Photo Prints & Products Via Your iPhone

    Dying to stick your awesome iPhone photos on a t-shirt, coffee cup, or mousepad? Yes? Good. Of course there are a million places you can do this on the desktop-sized Internet (you know, that thing with all the linked webpages which you access by typing letters on a keyboard into something called a “browser?”), but now there’s a more compelling option: there’s an app… Read More

  • Kinect SDK Launches In Early 2012 (We Peer At Past Hacks)

    Fresh on the heels of its envisioned future video, Microsoft has posted an inspiring portrayal of the Kinect to YouTube. The video outlines the somewhat unexpected uses of Kinect in its one-year history, including educational and medical applications, which is likely meant to boost awareness ahead of the commercial launch of the Kinect SDK. Developers have been hacking Kinect and creating… Read More

  • Social Gaming Network PapayaMobile Coming To iOS

    Social Gaming Network PapayaMobile Coming To iOS

    The popular social gaming network for Android, PapayaMobile, is announcing today that it’s now expanding its gaming platform to iOS. The company is making its social development toolkits available to iOS developers as a beta release, allowing them to connect users on both platforms (iOS and Android) for in-game features including challenges, game invites, leaderboards and more. Read More

  • Crashlytics, A Crash-Reporting Solution For Mobile Developers, Raises $1 Million

    Crashlytics, A Crash-Reporting Solution For Mobile Developers, Raises $1 Million

    Crashlytics, a crash reporting solution for mobile developers, today announced it has closed $1 million in seed funding in a round led by investment firms Flybridge Capital Partners and Baseline Ventures. The new service, available as an SDK for iOS developers (Android soon), is currently in private beta testing. Read More

  • Chartboost Launches New Direct-Deal Marketplace For Mobile Game Publishers

    Chartboost Launches New Direct-Deal Marketplace For Mobile Game Publishers

    New direct-deal advertising marketplace Chartboost launches today, allowing mobile game developers to use cross-promotion techniques to increase the size of their game’s user base, and therefore, its revenues. The company was created by former Tapulous employees, Maria Alegre, now Chartboost CEO, and Sean Fannan, CTO. After Disney’s acquisition of Tapulous, the Chartboost… Read More

  •’s SDK Comes To Android’s SDK Comes To Android, the mobile commerce company started by two former AdMob employees, Mike Mettler and Josh Bleecher Snyder, is launching a software development kit (SDK) for Android today. The SDK for iOS launched in June, allowing mobile app developers to retrieve credit card information from cards held up in front of the phone’s camera. As of today, the company says that is… Read More

  • Appcelerator Launches Open Mobile Marketplace, An App Store For App Components

    Appcelerator Launches Open Mobile Marketplace, An App Store For App Components

    Mobile cloud platform company Appcelerator, makers of the cross-platform Titanium platform for building mobile, tablet and desktop applications, is today announcing the launch of the “Appcelerator Open Mobile Marketplace.” The new store, which was announced at the company’s Codestrong Developer Conference this afternoon, includes mobile app modules, templates, design… Read More

  • Verious Launches First Marketplace For Mobile App Components

    Verious Launches First Marketplace For Mobile App Components

    Today, TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Verious is launching the world’s first marketplace for mobile application components – that is, the libraries, the SDKs (software development kits), the add-ons, the open source code and other third-party services which specifically cater to mobile app developers. Until now, there hasn’t been a centralized repository of these… Read More

  • Nextpeer Lets Mobile Developers Turn Single-Player Games Into Multi-Player Games

    Nextpeer Lets Mobile Developers Turn Single-Player Games Into Multi-Player Games

    Nextpeer is a newly launched mobile developer toolkit that lets game developers quickly and easily add multi-player gaming to their single-player games. With Nextpeer’s tournament and social SDK (software development kit), developers can add customizable features that enable their game’s users join real-time, social tournaments where they compete against other users for top scores… Read More

  • HTC Plans To Release Sense UI SDK

    HTC recently announced plans to release a software development kit for its Sense UI, which just so happens to be downright gorgeous in version 3.0. The SDK will allow developers to integrate their applications more deeply within the Sense software, according to HTC. And for developers who want to build 3D apps, the company also has plans to offer APIs and sample code for Sense handsets with… Read More

  • Kinect For Windows SDK Coming This Spring

    Put on your coding hats! Microsoft will release a Kinect software development kit for Windows this spring. It will be a non-commercial release, and is being developed for “academic research and enthusiast communities to create even richer experiences using Kinect technology.” No more having to hack together Kinect PC support for your various exploits. Read More

  • Nokia's Qt Isn't Dead Yet

    When Microsoft partnered with Nokia, many thought the Symbian operating system died that day. But, it’s not entirely dead yet. Qt, the cross-application framework used by Nokia’s Symbian operating system developers, is said to continue going forward with the release of SDK 1.1 due out soon. Nokia’s CTO, Rich Green, said that, “We are still very much big fans [of… Read More

  • Apple job posting hints at video option for iPads

    It’s crazy how the slightest little hint of something starts all the rampant speculation about Apple’s product development. This is the third clue that the next generation of iPad will have a camera, if not video capability. It certainly explains the stuff that was found in the SDK. Read More

  • Enough Palm Pre emulator walkthroughs to choke a horse

    PalmPreForum has about five hundred Palm Pre videos taken inside the Pre SDK emulator (OK, it’s really only 22). There you can see Google Maps, Copy & Paste, and even E-Mail in action, proving that given a video capture program and a little time you can create a world that revolves entirely around a phone. The real goodies here are the Universal Search video and the phone behavior. Read More

  • Google's Mobile app uses secret proximity sensing system: Untruthiness!

    Senor Gruber has uncovered a trick inside Google’s Mobile app that uses an undocumented method to access the iPhones proximity sensor. In normal situations, the iPhone proximity sensor – the little thing in the top of the iPhone that knows when you have it up to your face – can be turned on or off. When it’s on and you place the phone up to your ear the screen stops… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson releases Beta SDK for Windows Mobile v1.0.4

    Looking to develop your big idea for the mobile world, but just not vibing with the iPhone or the Android platform? Sony Ericsson wants you to come hang out in their camp for a bit. Along with adding an XPERIA category to the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards, they’ve released a new Windows Mobile SDK to the public. Amongst other things, the new SDK adds drastically improved support for… Read More

  • RIM releases developer tools and emulator for BlackBerry Storm

    So you’ve dipped your feet into iPhone and Android development, but aren’t really feeling either platform? Got an idea you think a carrier or two would pick up for the BlackBerry Application Center? Time to get crackin’. Now that the Storm is on its way to the starting block, RIM has released the development tools needed to get an application up and running on the handset. Read More

  • Microsoft Surface SDK to be released at PDC

    Excellent. Microsoft will be doing the unveiling at the Professional Developer Conference at the end of the month, so it should get some good exposure. I got to watch a developer put together an app at Surface HQ a few months ago, and he convinced me that the library and SDK are such that fun and interesting apps can be made relatively easily, and taking advantage of the Surface’s… Read More

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