• Cast your unborn baby in bronze

    Daddytypes found a cool article on a company that is thinking about casting ultrasound pictures of unborn babies using 3D imaging and printing. Read More

  • Cuddle up with a nice keyblanket

    Is it art? Is it furniture? And does it make a clicky noise when you roll on it? All these questions and more remain unanswered regarding this fascinating “fabric” made from 22,528 recycled keys. Actually, it’s an “interactive sculpture” that “documents its own creation” because the keys spell out emails between the artist and the fabricators. Wait, is… Read More

  • 550-pound scrap-metal Optimus Prime costs 7 grand

    And it’s worth every penny. Robot-Models appears to make all manner of welded-steel (wrought iron?) models from Gundams to Gremlins. There is also an insane number of Star Wars models. This selection of Transformers includes quite a large Optimus Prime. Put it up outside to keep naughty Decepticons out of your garden! Read More