• Scrybe Closes Series A

    Scrybe, the online/offline calendar and organizer, has closed their series A round of financing from Adobe Systems Incorporated and LMKR. In what is becoming an annoying trend, the company is not disclosing the size of the round. You’ll probably recognize the company from the somewhat viral product demo that swept the blogosphere last October. Since then they’ve been through a… Read More

  • Best Apollo Demos

    There were a bunch of product demos today at Adobe’s Engage event, but there were a few that stood out and should have a big impact on the startup world. They also happened to be some of the best demos of the day. Virtual Ubiquity – Rick Treitman demoed their word processor application, BuzzWord, which was built entirely in Flex 2 and looks like it could be a direct competitor… Read More

  • Scrybe Syncing Calendar Has Launched In Beta

    Scrybe, the online/offline calendar and organizer with the awesome YouTube demo video we wrote about earlier this month, has launched into beta tonight. We’ve kicked the tires and can report that the parts of the service available now do deliver as advertised (see video again below). Accounts are being opened slowly but hopefully Scrybe won’t leave too many disappointed in the… Read More

  • Scrybe Could Set a New Standard In Office Apps

    Jason Clarke found a great new startup today called Scrybe. It hasn’t launched yet, but they’re using YouTube to showcase the product (see video below). More companies should do this – it gives the company a way to show everyone exactly what their product is all about and control the messaging during the crucial pre-launch stage. Scrybe looks to be a unique online… Read More